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Samantha is a licensed attorney in Arkansas. She has written on a number of legal topics, including estate planning, family law and corporate law. She has cultivated a diverse writing career over the years writing on topics such as home interior, family, travel, weddings, education and hobbies. Being a parent, student and professional for most of her adult life, Samantha has a unique perspective and the ability to write on a wide array of topics.
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Writing, editing, condensing information, explaining difficult concepts in a concise and comprehensible manner


Reading, writing, travel, family, planning, organizing


University of Arkansas School of Law

Samantha focused her attention on employment law and immigration law while in law school. She had the highest-ranking brief in her college's Moot Court competition and was a finalist in the New York City Moot Court Competition. She spent her time in law school completing clinical work and working on the Arkansas Law Review.

University of Arkansas at Monticello

Samantha completed a Master's degree concurrently with teaching high school students. She achieved a 4.0 grade point average.

Hendrix College

Samantha attended the private school of Hendrix College where she double majored in Economics and Business and in Spanish.


500 Projects Completed

Samantha has her undergraduate degree in Economics and Business. She has worked professionally at a number of private and public sector offices, including owning and operating her own business. Samantha has written extensive articles on personal finance, business accounting and marketing topics.


50 Projects Completed

Samantha has written a number of articles on light-hearted topics, such as scrapbooking, travel and photography.


0 Projects Completed

Samantha is a licensed attorney in the state of Arkansas. She has worked with private attorneys for the last several years as a clerk and has written hundreds of legal articles on a diverse range of topics, including child custody disputes, divorce, child support, probate, estate planning, immigration, criminal law and torts.


5,000 Projects Completed

Samantha has written over 5,000 articles in publication, ranging in topics from scrapbooking to legal issues.

Press Release

20 Projects Completed

Samantha has written press releases for legal and business websites. She has helped businesses that were launching new products or who wanted to update their site to drive more traffic. Press releases represent only a small portion of the work that Samantha is capable of.

Newsletter Content

5 Projects Completed

Samantha has written content for lawyers' newsletters.

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