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Krystal has been writing ever since she learned how to do so. While she has a love of creative writing, she is also keenly aware of the importance of direct writing. Her experience as a student in the humanities has introduced her to many forms of writing, and many ways of researching for large papers. She has also learned how to edit her own writing so that it is free of errors.

Her area of expertise in research is in the realm of Religious Studies, but that is not all she can do. As a creative writer, she has done her own personal research for characters and scenes. She is willing to become familiar with a wide array of topics.


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The other industry is in the area of researching a variety of topics on the subject of religion. Below is an excerpt from one of the papers Krystal wrote during her time as a graduate student.

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Krystal has been working on a blog that is about supernatural creatures on and off. What follows is an excerpt from that blog.

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