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Stephanie has always had an interest in writing, one that followed her through art school and has integrated itself into her many other endeavors. Seeking a degree in Fine Art, she found herself in a much more philosophical than technical program, and rediscovered her love of the written word. Much of her degree requirements involved delving into the conversation around contemporary art and art theory, and as such she has written on a multitude of topics including family dynamics, psychology, personal relationships, contemporary philosophy, theology, the mundaneness of daily life and the effects of millennial culture.

Since college, she has become a wife, business owner, designer, portrait painter and mother, and has worked in marketing for other companies. Her flexibility and versatility has proven to be an asset in today's job market, and has always been enhanced by her ability to research and write about very nearly anything.
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Art, fine art, painting, art criticism, drawing, craft, lifestyle, home design, construction, renovation, restoration, history, American history, interior decoration, philosophy, theology, family life, parenting


Stephanie owns a small renovation and restoration company, for which she works as an interior stylist and office manager, and has discovered a love for decoration, architecture and design. In her spare time she takes commissions for portraits and illustrations. She is also a proud wife and mother of one.


Purchase College- SUNY

Stephanie majored in Painting and Drawing and minored in Art History, but plans to return to school to get her Master's in Art History as well. The program was philosophy and writing-based, focusing on the conversation surrounding contemporary arts and culture.


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The Hobby industry spans an enormous distance and delves into just about every aspect of our daily lives, if we let it. And we should. Hobbies are the things that keep us going, excite us, give us purpose. With those criteria, anything can be labeled as such. Stephanie's experience in writing about this aspect of daily life is enormous, as her interests and experience cross a multitude of topics. Would you like an article on why the most recent gallery show you saw was an absolute joke? or perhaps a step-by-step on knitted baby blankets? what makes Jerry Saltz such a phenomenon, or how to justify your love for celebrity gossip? Stephanie can contribute to and cover all of those topics, just let her know what excites you and your readers.


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With a focus on painting and art history, Stephanie is able to integrate and make relevant a number of topics across the visual, design and craft fields. From crocheting to technical art criticism, she writes in an interesting, engaging and straightforward manner, making use of various interests and a wealth of visual information.

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Stephanie loves writing about home living. Today, that covers rich Southern housewives, broke graduate students crammed into tiny apartments in Brooklyn, and the decorating, cooking, entertaining and survival skills of everyone in between. Our obsession with the internet has made public and visible the life of anyone who logs into Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, and this makes for an unlimited opportunities to comment on and observe cultural and regional pie slices of daily life. If you're interested in documenting changing dinner party fads, the strange lives of the millennial generation, tales passed down in your family or musings on contemporary interior styling, allow Stephanie to take your project and make it relatable to all readers interested in the topic.

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Blogs have become increasingly vital sources of information, as online sources have made it possible for blog writers to cover just about any topic they wish. In Stephanie's experience, blogs are not only handy sources of information, but often lead readers into other topics and articles they may not have had an interest in seeking otherwise. For that reason, it is crucial that your blog be interesting, easy to understand and nothing less than riveting, regardless of your topic.

Stephanie spent three years as the manager and main writer of a recipe blog, kept by a well-known dietitian, where articles included education about nutrition, physical fitness and competition, and most successfully, recipes for simple healthy meals. Although she knew very little about the topic at the start of her task, Stephanie enjoyed learning about and translating for the layman all sorts of thoughts from a dietitian's point of view. This led her to other blog-writing opportunities, and she thoroughly enjoys giving a personal touch to all kinds of topics.

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