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A life-long creative writer and award-winning research writer, Lisabeth has more than fifteen years of professional experience in the writing industry. Lisabeth began her career as marketing assistant and email correspondent for Horsecents Entertainment in Sedona, Arizona. From 2001 she served as assistant editor for First Rate Freelance, creating and editing content and designing layouts for healthcare brochures, pamphlets, informational articles and newsletters. After publishing a feature-length journalistic article in Kush L.A. Magazine, Lisabeth wrote and researched over 200 published articles as an in-house writer for Demand Media Studios and was most recently published in the Oxford Journal 'Music Therapy Perspectives.' Her work has been published on popular websites including USA Today Travel Tips, eHow.com, LIVESTRONG.COM and Local.com. Lisabeth edits academic research and thesis papers for graduate students and was awarded the 2014 Merrill-Windsor scholarship for excellence in writing in the humanities.


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Lisabeth has written numerous articles and reviews related to travel and entertainment in the United States including informational and comparative articles regarding hotels, resorts, campgrounds, restaurants, dinner theater and cultural aspects.


As a teenager, Lisabeth helped her father with remodeling projects on the family home before she began working on home improvement projects for extra cash as a teenager: taping drywall, painting and landscaping maintenance. Later, she worked as a laborer an then apprentice for several independent contractors doing mainly framing, roofing and finish work, specializing in cultured stone application before becoming project manager for a residential construction company in Minnesota. Lisabeth then designed and built her own homestead-style house and a friend's 2700 sq. ft. northwoods vacation chalet from the ground up. Lisabeth has written many helpful articles on home improvement for the do-it-yourselfer. From home decorating projects to asphalt shingle installation, Lisabeth provides step-by-step guidance and handy tips for a wide variety of home improvement and construction projects.


Lisabeth is an accomplished performing musician and singer songwriter and has earned an AFA in music and a B.A. in Humanities with a music competence. She is currently completing a Master degree in musicology, a discipline that combines science and the arts through the study and application of psychology, neuroscience, cognition and physics in music performance and listening. Lisabeth has earned two certificates from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in fMRI statistical analysis and design and interpretation of clinical trials in relation to music cognition and music therapy.

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A graduate student in the Humanities, Lisabeth's English composition is top-notch, honed by many years of academic writing in the arts and sciences. Lisabeth's writing style is both informative and creative; she has published over 200 informational, travel, comparative and how-to articles for popular online publications including eHow, Livestrong, Local.com and USA Today Travel Tips.

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Lisabeth manages three professional Facebook pages and one Facebook group with more than 2,000 subscribers, posting regular status updates, banner ads and Facebook Ads. Lisabeth designs Facebook posts to appeal to subscribers and encourage them to take action and participate in ongoing local activities, special events and limited-time offers, using active and creative language, posting entertaining pictures and videos and offering appealing incentives to generate Facebook fans.


Lisabeth has created copy and design layout for company and event marketing through websites, online advertisements, banner ads, paper brochures and flyers in forums such as healthcare information, informative workshops and business marketing. Lisabeth combines a keen sense of aesthetic value with precise, active phrasing to engage readers' attention and garner clients.

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