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The college experience is a time of growth, experimentation, and balance. Such is the experience of one English and Creative Writing student at Southern New Hampshire University. Her years at the university have proved to enhance her educational prowess, but also her stress-management and scheduling abilities. Regardless of the educational, professional, and life demands placed on the twenty-six-year-old freelancer, she continues to take pride in her progress as she moves further into the job market.
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Health, Fitness, Home Organization, Writing, Editing, Music, and Education.


Writing, reading, piano, yoga, hiking, video games, window shopping, libraries, bird-watching, and healthy living.


Southern New Hampshire University

Education is a passion, hobby, and necessity for this college student. Her decision to pursue college was put off by financial difficulties, but she made it a goal to be the first in her family to complete college. Now at the end of her junior year, she is closer to walking across the stage and finishing something she never dreamed she would even begin.


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The key to success is doing what you are passionate about, and one writer has set out to do just that. During various internships and the maintenance of a blog, she has written multiple pieces on the craft of writing. The experience has been a time of learning, both about writing itself and about how to share that love with others.


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During her tenure at her first writing job, this creative writing student had the opportunity to run free with subject matter. Her employer encouraged her to spread her wings as she explored her writing craft. She took this gift of free-range-writing to a variety of subjects, and ended up with a log of health-related articles.


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While the author of this snippet does not have extensive experience in the field of publishing, she has recently begun to foray into the industry with an internship at an up-and-coming publishing house. Her duties have included book reviews, cover reveals, and social media marketing. She hopes to further increase her fluency in the publishing world to help authors navigate the exciting and frightening field.

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Blogs are one of the most prevalent venues for self-expression and creativity in the digital age. One budding freelance writer has taken to the world of Wordpress to share her voice with the world. Through her blog, she gains experience and an audience in her corner of the world. It has taught her how to maintain an audience's attention and the basics of online marketing.


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The article is the one of the staples of a writer's assignments. However, as is the case with some things, article-writing prowess does not come overnight. One writer found it difficult to work with the format, but after creating several pieces (and getting a little help from her employer), she was able to gain mastery over the form. As they say: practice makes perfect.

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