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Arian lives and breathes the internet, so she can speak any text lingo you may need. Social Media. Business blog. Personal blog. Interview. Arian can flex to just about any medium. She is also well versed in customer service and more formal business writing including newsletters, email marketing and video scripts.


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing10+
  • Humor3
  • Self Help1

Summary of Industry Experience


Arian has a year’s experience working directly with small business owners on their marketing copy. Specifically, her email copy helped secure a $2,600, four month contract for a local internet radio station. The attached sample, a Facebook post written as part of a month long winter sale campaign for a Dallas area spa, shows Arian’s skill and ease with social media branding.


Comedy ain’t easy. Either you got the gams or you don’t. Fortunately, Arian’s natural sense of humor makes comedic writing an easy task for her. She has a way of injecting her quirky sensibilities into her work without clouding your message. In this brief excerpt from a piece on tips for new entrepreneurs, you’ll see all the bells and whistles you’re looking for. Short. Sweet. And a punchline in the rule of three.

Self Help

All of us have gone through ups and downs in life. All of us have had to overcome mistakes and failures. Never being one to shy away from the truth, Arian translates her experiences - both the good and the bad - into straightforward thoughts on life, relationships and self-improvement.

Product Projects

  • Twitter Post1,000+
  • Blog Post8
  • Script/Video5

Summary of Product Experience

Twitter Post

Having utilized the platform for five plus years, Arian is a lover of Twitter, and she is as much of a boss with “hashtags and retweets” as a Tom Ford wearing Jay-Z. Arian is adept at creating personable conversation within a 140 character limit. If you struggle with Twitter or you’re more prone to using other social media platforms, you’ll be surprised at how easy tweeting becomes with Arian’s help.

Blog Post

After years of personal journaling both in hard copy and on platforms like LiveJournal and Xanga, Arian has upgraded her longer form writing skills to modern day blogging. From personal opinion pieces to business blogging and ghostwriting, she has a knack for molding an individual (brand) voice into an engaging read.


As a former student of English and Theater, Arian finds scriptwriting both a comfort and a joy. She wrote and directed a one-act children’s musical for a community theater as well as created and restructured a “How it Works” video that was featured on a small business website. As you’ll see in the original sample in her profile, Arian’s ability to conceptualize the sound, look and feel of a video is virtually second nature to her.

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