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Marisa is an award-winning marketing professional who has more than six years experience developing, planning, deploying, optimizing, and analyzing marketing campaigns.

Her clients are often amazed by how well-rounded she is in the industry. All of her marketing writing comes from a strategic mindset. She is simply not just a freelance writer, but a marketer who also understands various areas of the business.

Content development has played a huge role in her career. She utilizes her SEO and creative writing skills to craft keyword friendly blog post topics, including content that generates leads. Aside from having experience in the marketing realm, Marisa has spent several years as a journalist and has written for numerous local and national publications including Huffington Post and Business.com.

More than a marketer and a writer, Marisa considers herself a teacher, between coaching other writers to presenting marketing workshops and webinars.

What she truly loves most about writing is capturing the essence of a story or taking a piece of research and conveying what really matters. As a content marketing director, she often encourages her team to take an investigative journalist approach to any piece of content. She feels in a world of information overload, it’s important to dig up the facts, share something new (or say it different) in a concise manner that gets to the point. While length is important for SEO purposes, Marisa is a no fluff kind of girl.

In addition to writing about business, Marisa has experience in and loves writing lifestyle, beauty, and holistic health.


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing20+
  • Home Living10+
  • Real Estate10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Marisa moved her way up the ranks in the marketing world starting as an intern at a non-profit to running her own department and overseeing numerous writers as a marketing director at a marketing agency. Through the years, she has created engaging content that has been shared around the web and some of which directly generated sales. She specializes in Internet Marketing including SEO, e-mail marketing, social media, and content marketing. As a leader in the industry, she often develops and presents webinars to teach business owners how to succeed in the industry. In addition, she writes for two notable industry trade publications.

Home Living

For over a year, Marisa has developed content and ghost written for a large home furniture company. The topics she wrote ranged from product specific pieces such as spotlights on brands to more lifestyle pieces. A few topics include:

How To Score The Best Deals On Home Furniture
Online Furniture Buying: What To Consider
5 Steps Toward A Home More Green Home
5 DIY Ideas For Shore Themed Living

Real Estate

Marisa jokes that she should write a book on renting an apartment -- she has done it so much that she feels she's an expert in the area. Between renting apartment after apartment, she stayed on a search to purchase a home. So naturally, more than two years ago when she was assigned real estate content to write, she rose to the occasion. In addition, Marisa worked in the banking industry and is well-versed on writing about finances associated with the real estate industry. As a way to 'indirectly' sell through content, some of the real estate pieces Marisa has written have been lifestyle pieces tied by to a product (home sale or apartment rental). Between the two areas, she has more than five years experience.

A few topics she has written articles for include:
Are You Ready to Buy Your First Home? 8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Seeking Out a Realtor
The True Cost of Buying vs. Renting
Refresh & Renew: Apartment Decorating Ideas for the Non-Designer

Product Projects

  • Facebook Post100+
  • Blog Post50+
  • Web Page50+

Summary of Product Experience

Facebook Post

For the past six years, Marisa has helped numerous companies large and small build their social media presence. She recalls one company in particular, "It had no presence online but its competitors were doing big things," she said. "In just six months of working with them, I developed and executed their social media strategy to not only improve brand awareness, but also generate sales. Their following went to over 1,000 (with most being organic) and they were getting leads left and right through Facebook. In addition to writing copy for social media posts, Marisa coaches other marketers on meeting and exceeding their social media goals.

Blog Post

Several years ago in her first full-time job, pretty much straight out of college, Marisa was tasked with creating a company blog. It would need to naturally be SEO friendly, sharable, and sales producing. Less than a year later, the award-winning, sales powerhouse of a blog was born. This is where blogging professionally started for Marisa. Every full-time job she has held since in the marketing world has involved content development. She's written for numerous industries, companies large and small as or herself and as a ghostwriter.

Web Page

Marisa has written web page copy for brand new websites in addition to websites that needed new pages or fresh new copy. She specializes in SEO and much of the work she does for websites, involves incorporating keywords. As part of one new website launch, she launched a digital marketing strategy which included writing copy for a 50+ page website.

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