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Rick realized his writing talent while working as a supervisor for a Fortune 500 electronics manufacturer. After writing several work procedures, Rick's bosses called on him to assist writing the procedures necessary for the company to achieve ISO9000 certification. Later, Rick found himself in the private security industry, where good procedures were sorely lacking. Rick convinced his managers to allow him to develop the complete SOP and training program for the security officers working on his site. The client wholeheartedly endorsed Rick's work.

With two industries paying Rick to write their documentation, he decided to take the freelance route. In less than a year, Rick achieved a perfect 5-star rating from each of his clients on a freelance web-based service, increasing his hourly rate ten fold from his first freelance client to his current clients.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Rick began his electronics career as an electronics technician, and was soon promoted to supervisor of a large test department. He later carried the technical experience gained there into his own business, where provides IT and engineering support for business clients and broadcast stations.


Rick has written extensively for the glory of Jesus Christ, including preparing his own lessons for his Sunday School class.

Rick is the founder of Unchained Gospel Ministries, where he writes articles for the ministry website, unchainedgospel.com.

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Rick has written articles on every subject from Intel's latest Core processors to shrimp. As a web developer, he has written extensively for the web, and has written numerous articles and blogs for freelance clients.

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Rick has developed websites for clients since 1999. The majority of his web clients have commissioned Rick to not only develop their websites, but to also develop their content.

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