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Does your content align with your brand by creating value and traction? Marie writes in all kinds of areas, however, the niches that she excels in are real estate, construction, or manufacturing, finance, travel, and insurance. Wish you could find a trade-savvy writer who can translate know-how to reach your market? Marie’s got your back.

Acknowledged as “The Research Queen”, Marie has 30 years of experience in journalism. She specializes in writing about construction, travel, beauty, music, self-help, and health. As a business coach for seven years, she helped many solo entrepreneurs brand, market, and grow their businesses. Working with her Master Electrician/ Builder husband for 25 years, she learned about all aspects of construction and can write about them so that the expert and layperson can get equal value and knowledge.

She’s written everything from travel to manufacturing to all aspects of construction and real estate including product descriptions to beauty articles that make you sparkle.

Finding the dynamic words that pull clients in and giving you brand awareness is what Marie does best. By helping professionals create the content they need, she crafts a message, creates copy that speaks to their audience. Saving companies time and money, because thoroughly researched subjects are what counts in this new economy. Marie digs deep to learn about your industry and the specifics of your company, global or hometown.

Client Testimony:
Marie has a wonderful ability to make even the driest copy interesting. Her mastery of multiple writing forms: business, technical, prose, SEO, and conversational social media make her a valuable asset to my content-heavy business. I trust her to convey my message in MY voice. (She even sounds better with my materials than ME, sometimes.) Her wide breadth of references from history, science, arts, even metaphysical make her writing compelling. A true gem.

She has written for many different online publications as well as many glossy magazines, newspapers, and blogs. She has worked for a literary agency and a public relations agency.

Marie has been known to use unorthodox methods to ferret out the salient details that enhance any project and who isn't afraid to go to the source and ask questions to find key information to expand and create well-written pieces.

She possesses three qualities that make a difference to her clients: diverse knowledge, time flexibility and determination.
Many can talk about their business, but writing about it, is a challenge. Some businesses know what they want to say, but need to outsource their content creation. Marie can help you.

Client Testimony:
Marie is super smart. She is like an encyclopedia or an 800 #; she is an historian. It’s amazing if you want to know about any subject matter, she will literally pull from her mental data bank. It’s priceless. Check her out.

Client Testimony:
Marie sprinkled on her diamonds and made our content look and read more professional. ---------

As they say "Teamwork makes the Dream work". Whether Marie is part of your team for one article or as a retainer content writer, Marie believes in bringing her all to the task.

Client Testimony:
Marie champions the businesses she works with, not only with her writing, but with ideas that take the content to a new level.


Marie specializes in writing:
- articles
- white papers
- case studies
- blog posts
- newsletters

She strives to create scintillating outcomes.


Marie has done sustainable gardening for over 50 years, starting with her herbalist grandmother as a toddler. She has a very diverse range of interests including storybook quilting, sailing in races, swimming, herding a lone cat on a leash, as well as belly dance and reading epic sagas. She loves to study History, particularly in Ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt, as well as, Tudor History, the American Revolutionary War period and the Victorian Era. She is passionate about acoustic, rock and folk music. In her down-time, Marie enjoys fiction writing.


Boston University

The College of General Studies offers a global, interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum. The program focuses on general education curriculum focuses on humanities, social sciences, rhetoric, and natural sciences.

Katharine Gibbs School - Boston

Katharine Gibbs specialized in education in business administration and finance.

Coach U

Coach U 's training focuses on learning coaching skills in life and corporate coaching, building a coaching practice and integrating what is learned into a current business or personal life.


67 Projects Completed

Trained in Business and Finance at Katharine Gibbs, and Life and Business Coaching at both Coach U, and Income Builders International, she brings a practical yet, cheery insight into moving your business forward. Licensed in "Get Clients Now" she brings the systems and strategies that make a business sparkle and succeed. With a keen eye to what makes your branding a standout, she can write the articles, blogs, and keywords that gain attention and attract your niche audience.


52 Projects Completed

Well versed in the language and lore of construction, Marie is good at helping the layman not only understand the construction trades, but feel comfortable enough to hire.


46 Projects Completed

Small businesses are the life blood of the world. Marie world builds the business message so that clients can embrace and buy.


18 Projects Completed

Travel from the tip of Maine to Florida and across the country by train. Marie seeks out the more unusual places to visit and see.


12 Projects Completed

As a former model, beauty and their trends fascinate Marie. She loves to explore and write about new methods.


4 Projects Completed

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. From tomatoes to cardoons, Marie can garden with the best, and can translate that lifelong knowledge into great copy.


1 Projects Completed

Couture, home sewing, quilting, needlepoint, crewel and sundry clever crafts. Marie manages to make it interesting, fun, and accessible.


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