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Erik G
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Erik currently works full time in the IT industry as a Contact Center Technical Specialist with a major credit card processing corporation. He is simultaneously pursuing a degree in Network Administration, Information Systems Technology.

Currently, Erik excels at troubleshooting web-based applications for clients while maintaining a high standard of customer service in a fast-paced, call center environment. He is proficient in Microsoft Office, Outlook email, and Windows operating systems as well as computer repair, troubleshooting and basic networking.

Erik has over 10 years of customer service experience working as a store manager for multiple national retail chains. Successful communication between customers and employees has been a hallmark of his retail career and will continue to be paramount in his future endeavors.

Additionally, Erik is an experienced gamer on the Xbox One platform, as well as various other consoles and handheld devices. He has attended numerous trade shows and nationwide conferences showcasing the latest in gaming technology. With over 10 years of experience within the gaming industry, both personal and professional, Erik brings to the table a unique, insider perspective.
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