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Rhea has published two poems with Young Writers before graduating high school. She has also written and self-published a book, Lightning Storm, with her childhood friend in her senior year of high school. Rhea has finished another manuscript, planning another, and has started a blog entitled The Knights of Gridania. Rhea currently works as a staff writer for her college paper, The Tech Collegian.


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Rhea has written promotional and informational articles for the Esports club, of which she is a member, on her college campus.


Rhea provided an article on the international affairs currently occurring between Russia and Ukraine and the possible war between the two countries.


Rhea wrote an article on the steps a writer takes from writing a manuscript to marketing after publication in a brief manner.

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Blog Post

Rhea writes her own blog, The Knights of Gridania, with fictional characters weaving their own story. Please note, Rhea's blog is fictional writing and short story-telling.

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