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Logan recently graduated from Hanover College where he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Communication while earning Summa Cum Laude honors. He has been writing nearly his whole life with experience in everything from strict journalistic reporting to creative poetry and prose. Most of his work deals with arts, entertainment, running, education, academia, or writing itself. He has worked for more than a decade as a freelance journalist writing editorials, news, feature, and review articles for various professional publications. He looks forward to bringing his expertise and skill to Writer Access and publishing quality content on the web.


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Logan has been playing and writing about sports his whole life. He has covered Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track, Cross Country, and many others. He has a vast knowledge base and has written everything from recap to feature. In his 10+ years as a journalist, he has worked closely with athletes, coaches, and officials to build personal relationships, gain valuable insights, and develop a keen eye and voice for sports related topics


Logan's personal blog--gives critiques and reviews of current television shows as well as commentary on television as a genre. His undergraduate studies and thesis also dealt heavily with television giving him a broad and deep background concerning the topic. His thesis--The Empire Business: The Novelization of Television, and Breaking Bad as the new novel--is being presented at the MPCAACA conference this fall in the television category.

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With over a decade of experience in journalism, Logan has written many broad ranging articles for various professional publications. From feature to editorial, review, news, and sports, Logan has perfected his craft in article writing. He has worked on strict deadlines with high turnover rate to produce original and informative content with a strong journalistic voice.


Logan has quite a bit of experience in editorial writing. He has written a monthly sports column and published several editorial pieces for various professional publications. In this time he has found an original voice that bring his writings to life and attract a wide audience. He has also learned how to approach hot topics with a new lens and a fresh breath.

Blog Post

Logan has written a personal blog concerning television reviews and critiques. His blog--The Spoiler Alert--featured weekly updates of shows as well as additional content concerning the television genre. In crafting his blog, Logan learned the nuances of attracting an audience with a strong and readable voice.

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