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Lauren is a freelance writer with a diverse set of writing skills. She offers her clients clean, articulate and concise writing, and can edit any existing material to make it stronger.

She can write and edit website content, and recently revamped a small counseling center's website with new descriptors, updated language and a better navigational structure.

Lauren has helped small businesses respond to RFPs that win them new business, and has successfully edited existing business plans to make them more lucrative.

She is experienced in creating marketing materials, including brochures, flyers, white papers and abstracts. She can create, implement and maintain social media marketing strategies, winning more followers and increasing viewership for organizations that need more exposure.

She has written and won private foundational grants for various clientele, including established nonprofit organizations needing operational or capital campaign funding and independent artists curating gallery shows.

She is proficient in writing long research papers with a large scope. Though she can create very detailed articles, her focus always stays on the bigger picture.


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing8
  • Food4
  • Non Profit4

Summary of Industry Experience


Lauren writes a variety of marketing material for all kinds of clients, ranging from high-end spas to manufacturers of army equipment. She can easily create research-driven articles, blogs and white papers with minimal direction.


Lauren has a passion for food, cooking and recipes and loves any excuse to try new restaurants. After living in New York City and trying nearly every cuisine there is, she has learned to recreate some of these dishes in rural Washington. As a result, she has learned much about the culinary arts and loves to share this knowledge through her writing.

Non Profit

Lauren has written and won grants, as well as created marketing material to help increase the brand of nonprofit organizations. Most of these nonprofit organizations has a focus on low income children, primarily within education, literacy, sports and mindfulness.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • White Paper5
  • Grant/Proposal5

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

In addition to personal blogs, Lauren has written blog posts for clients ranging from market research to pet care. She can write headlines that attract attention and quick, fun reads that engage users and draw them into a particular company's products and services.

White Paper

Lauren loves the challenge of taking information from multiple sources and weaving it into a single, cohesive research-driven piece that helps readers make informative decisions.


Making a case for a monetary gift is a challenge that brings much satisfaction when it is successful. Lauren can write grants for a variety of nonprofits, but most of her experience is centered around children's literacy programs.

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