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Leah has published her work in various national and international journals and magazines. Working with corporations, private groups, and the military, she has a long professional history in quality assurance, human resources, customer service, training and education, technical writing, and proofreading and editing. Maintaining an active online presence, she is very knowledgeable in marketing and recognizing the needs of customers. Having worked as a human resources administrator for nearly a decade, Leah has experience with retirement and separation benefits, health plan and healthcare administration, IRS and pension administration, insurance, and more. She also campaigned for and wrote her HR department's first technical training manual, and maintained support documents and instructions on cyclical processes as a documentation specialist.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Leah has worked with training firms and educational institutions for over eight years in several capacities, including providing instruction to a varied clientele that has included everyone from IRS representatives to naval personnel to college students. In addition to providing face-to-face training and education on campuses, office buildings, and government facilities, she has also led online educational opportunities through Cisco WebEx, Skype, and other video and web conferencing software. She has further presented work at educational conferences.


Since 2012, Leah has helped moderate a private online group entitled The Listeners. Among the many topics discussed include issues related to women's health like coping with depression and PCOS, as well as more widely applicable issues related to family and career success. She has also assisted and written work for organizations related to women's rights, voting, teaching, and education, including voter registration campaigns.

Product Projects

  • Presentation20+
  • Newsletter Content20+
  • Article10+

Summary of Product Experience


The author's professional experience in training and education has led to the creation of numerous presentation documents presented to a wide range of audiences from IRS representatives to naval personnel to college freshman. She has devised and composed presentations via Powerpoint, Prezi, and other presentation software, and has delivered these presentations both in person as well as online through Skype, Cisco WebEX, screencast software, and other online training and conferencing applications.

Newsletter Content

Leah worked as a newsletter chair for two years for an international organization, and also wrote and edited the company newsletter at her previous employer, an educational firm. She has also contributed to her community newsletter.


Leah has published multiple articles and essays in edited collections, peer-reviewed journals, and magazines. Audiences for these publications included both highly-skilled specialists in a particular field, as well as the general public.

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