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William C
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You are about to receive a tall stack of messages in response to your Writer Access casting call. Every qualified writer who sees it will apply for it. That's a lot of information to sift through. Here's a little helpful advice:

1. Ignore them
2. Hire William C.

And why should you ignore them, and hire William?

Because William has met hundreds, if not thousands, of deadlines as a journalist, editor, and copywriter, and he is here to tell you they're not called "deadlines" for nothing. In his most recent editorial role, William put out a weekly newspaper and four monthly niche publications with help of just one reporter and one page designer, for eight solid years. Computers broke down; storms brought down power lines; freelancers failed to deliver; people got sick -- William, of course, was not allowed to be sick -- and yet he got the paper out. Every paper, every magazine, every month, every week, for eight years.

This was a newspaper William had redesigned and editorially repurposed. That was 2011. By the end of 2013, according to the publisher, that paper's ad revenues had gained 20 percent. All this and more, in mid-recession.

So: Does William deliver? Baby, William delivers.
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William has been known to specialize in large projects that span multiple formats, including suites of how-to articles and catalogs. He is also the master of the mini, a corsair of compact communication, able to relate a broad range of ideas in a very short space.


William is a multi-instrumentalist who plays primarily fiddle and guitar. He is also a photojournalist with a long string of clients and cover art publications. William reads widely and well on the subject of economics, maritime history and ship/boat construction, and American history.


Rhode Island College

William was the fair-haired boy of the English Department, and was selected by his professors to serve in the Rhode Island College Writing Center, where he tutored graduate and undergraduate students in the art and craft of academic writing.


501 Projects Completed

William has written reviews for a vast number of theatrical performances throughout his career. As a musician, he has performed for audiences that number in the thousands, has opened for A-list acts and legacy acts. He plays all stringed instruments, as well as keyboards and button accordions. He's a pretty noisy human being, actually. He has acted in plays and starred in movies -- well, instructional movies, anyway. He is an avid consumer of online entertainment, and probably should get out more.


500 Projects Completed

William has used humor in just about every journalistic setting and situation. He has used humor to soften terrible blows, and he has used humor to disarm critical readers. Humor has natural advantages and natural limitations. Humor can help you make a difficult point in a hurry, but humor can repel your readers just as quickly. There has to be a balance between humor and information, and not everyone knows where that is. William does.


500 Projects Completed

William entered the publishing industry as an arts editor and features writer for a small-but-influential alternative newsweekly in the Northeast. He moved on to become assistant editor for a magazine owned by the New York Times Women's Magazine Group; copyedited a daily newspaper for a few years; and most recently helped save a weekly community newspaper from extinction. William has seen a lot of publications come and go, and has some very definite ideas on how this publishing thing should be done in the early 21st Century, from editorial policy to distribution models. William has consulted on web-based newspaper designs, and generated a broad range of quality web copy and SEO products. William's blog is a snarky survey of what works and does not work in the world of online publishing.

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527 Projects Completed

William has launched a new blog every 21 days or so for the past 10 years. He's not always impressed with WordPress, but he likes what WordPress can do for someone who doesn't have the time to design and maintain their own web site. He reads certain blogs regularly; he reads one or two religiously.

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500 Projects Completed

William originally came to Facebook to find old friends. These days, William goes to Facebook to drive those old friends crazy.

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