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For the past 7 years Kristin has been working as a Marketing Specialist and Content Writer for several business-related websites. She has written numerous articles with marketing, budgeting, networking, and social media tips that have helped businesses of all sizes. Some of her work has been featured on Business.com, TSNN, and Social Media Today.


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Kristin H's Business Industry Experience

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Working for a small business herself, Kristin has learned many tips along the way that have helped her succeed.

Industry Projects

  • Marketing20+
  • Business20+
  • Search Marketing20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Kristin became a digital marketer right out of college. Through her experience, she has kept up with the latest trends and tips that would help businesses of all sizes increase their brand awareness through proper marketing strategies.


Working for a small business herself, Kristin has learned many tips along the way that have helped her succeed.

Search Marketing

Over almost 8 years, Kristin has become experienced in optimizing web content and blogs to become easy for search engines to find.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Product Description100+
  • Blog Post50+
  • Web Page0

Summary of Product Experience


As a digital and content marketer, Kristin writes several articles a day, ranging from networking and small business tips to marketing and SEO.

Product Description

I understand the importance of needing fresh content on websites in order to be favored by the search engines. I have written over 100 product descriptions that not only help sell the product, but are written for both the customer and optimized for the search engines.

Blog Post

On a daily basis, Kristin writes blog posts and guest blog posts for a well known trade show display company, ranging from 350 to 600 words.

Web Page

Kristin has experience writing optimized content for web pages that will give customers a call to action and will be written in a way that they will want to buy the product.

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