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Mel has been writing for business professionals for over a decade. She has ghostwritten articles, blog posts, white papers, e-books, and drafted letters in the fields of healthcare, fitness and nutrition, finance, industry-related trades and more. She has been published extensively online as well as off.

In addition to content generation, Mel has built lead generation and sales pages, full websites, and maintained social media profiles for clients; creating loyal followers through engaging Facebook, G+, Twitter, & Pinterest posts.

She looks forward to serving all of your content generation needs.


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Industry Projects

  • Health100+
  • Nutrition100+
  • Medical50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Mel has created health content in many different formats and niches. Whether you are looking for a simple blog post on general healthcare or an extensively researched white paper on the epigenetics of medicine, she can create highly engaging content that your target audience will love.


As a certified nutrition consultant, Mel has been involved in helping many clients attain their ultimate health goals through nutrition and healthy eating. She has been practicing what she preaches through her own cooking, incorporating her knowledge of whole foods and vitamins with cooking meals that nourishes both the body and soul.


Mel is a certified nutrition consultant and holds a diploma in Aromatherapy. Through her studies she has learned a wide variety of complementary therapies such as holistic care practices, herbals, essential oils, and general preventative wellness. She is well-versed in human anatomy, physiology, and biology, and has written about medical and healthcare issues for more than ten years. During her time summarizing health books for a major health news outlet, she honed her authoritative style to speak to this demanding audience.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Web Page100+
  • Book10+

Summary of Product Experience


Mel has filled clients' needs for articles for more than a decade. She has written in the fields of general health, alternative medicine, nutrition, fitness, finance, construction, spirituality, and more.

Web Page

Mel has built an array of websites both for her own personal niches as well as those of her clients since 1995. Do you have the need for a professional and concise page? Trust your business to someone who knows how to get your visitors to convert.


Mel has written multiple e-books. The common topics have been cooking and nutrition, SEO, and erotica. She has been published under various pen names depending on the subject and would love to help you create your next blockbuster.

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