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For over ten years, Ryan has been writing easy to read articles on highly technical subjects. These include white papers, technical documentation, and support articles and have covered subjects including government regulations, investment accounting, and programming languages. And while this has been mostly technical material, he's brought the tricks he learned as both a journalist and a creative writer, so his writing never comes off as dry or opaque.

More recently, he's created the marketing content and strategy for a small software company, including brochures, corporate blogs, and advertisements.

Ryan is the perfect mix of technical aptitude and creative, story-based writing that can provide you with clear, precise, and compelling content that informs your customers. He picks up information quickly, arranges it into a narrative readers can follow, and organizes it into an article that will keep eyeballs on the page.
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Marketing, software, communication


History, entertainment, sociology, cooking, travel, nightlife


Carnegie Mellon University

Ryan earned a Bachelor degree in 1998. He had a double major in Creative Writing and Technical Writing with a concentration in Computer Science.


111 Projects Completed

He has spent over ten years creating and maintaining the supporting documentation and other material for software companies. This includes maintaining multiple user guides and writing over 1000 technical articles.


30 Projects Completed

Ryan spent three years as the sole writer - technical and marketing - at a small software company that produces investment accounting software for professional investment firms. He produced everything there - knowledge base articles, website copy, blogs, brochures, email blasts, you name it.


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Ryan started writing about his love for movies and music at his college newspaper way back in the late 90s. After college, he wrote reviews for various sites, and soon ran lefthandfilms.com, a site dedicated to the weird and wonderful films that don't find their way into the mainstream media. Unfortunately, the parent company folded during one of the early startup purges and Ryan was left without a permanent home. Since then, he's been seeking out the strange and beautiful in both movies and music and sharing it where he can.

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31 Projects Completed

He created the blog at an investment accounting software firm and has blogged occasionally for other clients.

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