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Mallory has admired the act of putting experiences, sensations and ideas into words for as long as she can remember. What began as a love for reading turned into a curious desire to be on the other end of the spectrum and write on her own.

Aside from journaling throughout her childhood, Mallory was a member of the yearbook club in high school where she learned the importance of making deadlines at an early age. After high school, Mallory moved to Southern California to attend San Diego Mesa Community College.

During her time at Mesa, Mallory decided that she would go to San Diego State University to be a Journalism and Media Studies major. She took journalism and english classes to expand her writing skills in preparation for her transfer to a University. In addition to these classes, Mallory became a staff writer and photographer for The Mesa Press.

Mallory wrote multiple articles for The Mesa Press and contributed to almost every section of the newspaper, including opinion, news, features and reviews. News was a brand new style of writing for Mallory. She quickly adapted to the newsroom and learned to write objectively. She developed the skills to present concrete facts in a newsworthy manner and organize those facts in a way that is both interesting and easy to understand.

While working for the newspaper, Mallory became a multi-skilled writer and researcher. Breaking news was a rare occurrence at Mesa College. For this reason she came up with her own story ideas and did research individually. Mallory knows how to create a story from scratch by bringing together a set of information and transforming it into an engaging, genuine article. Mallory picked up many helpful writing habits throughout her time in the newsroom, such as always having her Associated Press Stylebook near.

Receiving an acceptance letter from SDSU infused Mallory with more determination than ever. Mallory's schedule is filled with upper division classes that are all directly related to journalism and media. Last winter, Mallory landed her current job as a marketing assistant for Ink Link Marketing. As a marketing assistant she is thankful to write and use her creativity every day.

Ink Link Marketing is a public relations and marketing firm for multiple restaurant business clients. Mallory's writing tasks include calendar posts, press releases and employee newsletters. Mallory receives data and information for her work straight from the client's managers and employees. Mallory's job is to use that information to create pieces of writing that are informational yet pleasant to read. The final copies are then distributed, by Mallory, onto various media sites or sent back to the client for them to use as they prefer.

Mallory's writing career is on a countdown for take off. She is ready, able and motivated. Mallory is constantly seeking opportunities to expand her skills and continue her growth as a confident and knowledgable employee, student and writer.


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Mallory is currently employed as a marketing assistant for Ink Link Marketing. As a marketing assistant, she is required to research, write, organize and edit a wide variety of content every day. Mallory is generally assigned to three main types of written work: calendar posts, press releases and employee newsletters for various restaurant based clients.

Calendar posts are drafted whenever the client wants to spread the word about an event, seasonal promotion or announcement. Mallory will arrange the details of the upcoming event into a short and sweet calendar post. The final posts are then distributed to the restaurant's local media websites and community calendars.

Sometimes, for big news, there will be a press release and a calendar post for the same announcement. The press release is created first and the calendar post follows, summarizing the press release for fast online distribution.

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As a staff writer for The Mesa Press, Mallory grew confident in writing articles for any section of the newspaper. In addition to her Mesa Press experience, Mallory's journalism classes at San Diego State University allow her to consistently practice article writing. Mallory's writing skills have become increasingly advanced with every word of feedback from her professors.

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