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Paul is a small business owner and freelancer with a friendly, practical approach to understanding your needs, sharing information, and providing useful, pragmatic insight and articles.

He has many years of experience in working with organizations of all sizes with a special interest in freelancing, finance, marketing, project management, content, and business.

His skills and expertise include: project management and support; freelancing and contracting; business communications, writing,? and editing; small business marketing including content creation and SEO; financial management and cashflow; data analysis and insight; planning and productivity; customer engagement, service, and satisfaction; user experience; reviews and critique of content and websites.

Freelance Writing Experience

- 15 years of experience in business communications, writing, and freelancing.
- Writing for the public, online communities, end users, business stakeholders, and technical audiences.
- Expert at breaking down complex subjects into simple, easy, practical steps that everyone can understand.
- Experienced in subjects including small business, freelancing, content creation, customer satisfaction, project management, productivity, investing, marketing, SEO, finances, and more.
- Skilled at creating images and other media to support content.
- Over 200 published articles.


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Paul M's Blog Post Product Experience

51 Projects Completed

Paul has created posts for blogs across the web. Subjects covered include investment, small business, social media, and more.

Industry Projects

  • Business50+
  • Finance20+
  • Marketing20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Paul is a business owner and freelancer with responsibilities including:

- Editing, development, and consultancy - Working with businesses to edit and develop documents from first draft to final copy; providing advice and consultancy on improving documents.
- Client relationships - Establishing and maintaining strong, trusting relationships with clients; identifying requirements and delivering services.
- Marketing and brand - Developing an online and offline presence, marketing, and offerings to clients.
- Business strategy - Identifying opportunities for growth, strengthening positions in the market, and competing for business.
- Administration and financial control - Business, financial, and process management.
- All aspects of communications management, messaging, support, and consultancy for organisational change.
- Culture improvement activities and employee engagement.
- Communications strategy, management, and training for major IT change programmes and initiatives.?
- Project management.


Paul has experience in writing on investment and finances, including:

- General investment - Retirement planning, mutual funds, index trackers, and more.
- Portfolio management - Diversifying and balancing a portfolio and balancing risk versus reward.
- The stock market - Various aspects of investing in individual stocks, including quality stocks, growth stocks, income stocks, and undervalued stocks.
- Terminology - Explaining the various terms used when discussing finance and investing.
- Budgeting - The importance of understanding and adhering to a monthly budget.
- Financial planning - Planning for the future and understanding assets and liabilities.
- Credit scores - How the credit scoring system works and how individuals can improve their credit scores.

His articles are designed to be relevant and easily understandable for new and intermediate investors.


Paul has experience in marketing, especially content marketing. He is skilled at taking marketing concepts and breaking them down into easily understandable articles that are aimed at people without any marketing experience. He has written on topics including:

- Create great content by thinking about your reader.
- Create a brilliant marketing plan by answering these essential questions.
- How to format your online content to make it easier for people to read.
- Six steps to writing a simple marketing plan.
- Want more traffic for your website? Here are some great tips.
- Best practices for Google AdWords.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Blog Post50+

Summary of Product Experience


Paul has written and published over 150 articles for blogs, content websites, private clients, and more. He specializes in taking complex subjects and breaking them down for people to understand.

Blog Post

Paul has created posts for blogs across the web. Subjects covered include investment, small business, social media, and more.

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