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Jazzy is a fashion and lifestyle blogger born and raised in Boston Massachusetts. She started a blog about a year ago and has not looked back since. She blogs mostly about her style, and about anything that keeps her positive. Jazzy inspires the young women she encounters daily. She aspires to become an essential part in Bostons city fashion by becoming a known and respected writer. She dreams of producing a magazine surrounding city fashion and empowering women. With all of her plans in place she is now trying to gain experience so she can both enhance her writing, and get her name out for the world to see.


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Jazzy has a passion for fashion. This is evident in her writing about her personal style and how her fashion has evolved over the years. She has grown a fan base in just a year full of people who love her writing and her style. She is expected to post twice weekly, one article surrounded lifestyle and one about fashion. The example below is from a fashion article she posted on her blog.

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Jazzy has been writing a book about her life for about a year and a half. She decided to split up her life into a handful of subtopics, each used to describe her life in a different way. Given each subtopic, she free wrote whatever stories and experiences came to mind. This excerpt below was taken from the very first chapter of the book, titled "silence".

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