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Kara graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English, and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts in 2015 from California State University, Bakersfield. She is also a winner of a Betty Creative Writing Award, as well as an essay presenter at the Gender Matters Symposium.
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Research, criticism, gender, race, humor.


Social justice, travel, cuisine, love.


California State University, Bakersfield

Kara double majored in English and Theatre at CSUB, graduating cum laude in 2015.


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Kara is a very vocal feminist. She advocates for women's rights and addresses issues including rape prevention, women's healthcare, demolishing the wage gap, and intersectionality in the feminist movement. She has presented essays on women and gender all throughout her college career, including a paper on the role of women in classical Greece at the Gender Matters Symposium. Kara however, also finds humor and connection in the discussion of the every day lives of women, as she enjoys creatively writing about the female experience as well.


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Kara is not only an advocate for social justice in regards to gender, but also in regard to race and sexuality. She has attended protests in the wake of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, and although cannot speak on behalf of the experience of those belonging to minority races, she is able to give completely non biased, objective accounts of what she herself has seen at these protests.

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Being part of the millennial generation, Kara has a lot of experience on social media. In fact, that is where most of her writing is produced and shared. Facebook is not just for sharing personal life events, but it is also a beacon for discussion and information.

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As many writers do, Kara also utilizes blogs to share her writing on many subjects, including love, spirituality, grief, and much more.

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