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Suraj has been writing for the better part of 4 years, jumping from blogging to report writing to informational articles. He excels at writing creative and informative pieces but doesn't shy away from the next challenge. Suraj understands that a client needs timely work along with high quality, a combination at which he excels.


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Industry Projects

  • Technology20+
  • Medical10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Suraj has written over 25 articles in the wide field of technology. He has a broad range from computer technology, to medical technology and loves to apply his expertise into his writing.


Suraj has interned in medical offices and labs which gives him an unique insight into the medical field. In addition, he has countless hours of experience working in the field up close. For example, he has watched surgeries happen from the Operating Room and has been involved in patient interaction.

Product Projects

  • Article50+
  • Blog Post20+

Summary of Product Experience


Suraj has a lot of experience writing articles on a wide variety of fields. He knows the inner workings of how a professional writer needs to act which makes him a great consulting writer for any company.

Blog Post

Suraj has ran two blogs in the past that have each averaged 30,000 views per month. He built both of those blogs from the ground up and supplied the content himself. They included a wide variety of subjects such as horror stories, technology, finance, and medicine. He enjoys working with clients who'd like to increase their SEO reach and provide a library of content for their viewers. He takes pride in his work and guarantees the best on every project.

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