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Leigh Ann has had three-years of experience in a Biology Ph.D. program and completed a Master's degree. Her educational experience involved many opportunities to write technical documents including research protocols, grant proposals, and a Master's thesis. She has been the primary author for three publication-quality documents. Her undergraduate research project was published in a peer-reviewed journal.
Most of her graduate courses included essay-style exams and written assignments, which further honed her writing skills. Additionally, she taught six unique courses aimed at audiences from children to college students. She feels confident in being able to relay technical information to lay audiences if desired. One of the most relevant courses she taught involved being a proposal reviewer and editor for college seniors' National Science Foundation-style research proposals. She also taught writing mechanics and fundamentals to students to successfully submit proposals and relay their ideas in a concise and accurate manner.
Aside from her academic background, Leigh Ann has been writing for as long as she was able, keeping a journal through most of her adolescence and writing poetry in her spare time. Her experience makes her versatile as a technical writer, creative writer and blogger.


Leigh Ann's specialties are in technical writing, communicating technical information to general audiences and blog posts.


Leigh Ann is interested in any type of science writing and communication. She is capable of writing an experimental protocol as well as an article translating a research journal article to the public. Although she is trained in biological sciences, she is competent in many disciplines and enjoy new topics.


Penn State University

Leigh Ann graduated with her B.S. in Biology from PSU in 2009. Her major included specialty topics ranging from global climate change to symbiotic relationships in living organisms. Her most notable accomplishment was publishing her undergraduate research project that she worked on from 2007-2009. For this project, she used published cemetery records to analyze the demographics of an abandoned mining town in Pennsylvania. She examined the longevity and mortality rates of individuals throughout the town's ~100 year history. She found that due to males' primary occupation in the mines and the accidents and long-term health effects associated with it, males had a significantly reduced life expectancy compared to both females and the national average.

Saint Joseph's University

Leigh Ann's Master's degree is in Biology with a specialization is in plant physiological ecology. Her thesis focused on determining the role of sugar signaling in altered flowering time of Arabidopsis thaliana under elevated carbon dioxide. She successfully defended and published her Master's thesis with St. Joseph's University in July 2012.

West Virginia University

Leigh Ann spent three years working towards a doctorate in Biology at WVU. Her specialization was in plant physiological ecology where she studied climate change effects on high elevation forests in West Virginia. She did not complete her degree because her goals were more aligned with science communication and education as opposed to doing primary research. She did much writing and teaching during her tenure at WVU that added significant experience to her abilities as a technical writer.


4 Projects Completed

The four projects completed were major publishable works and do not include writing projects as part of her training as a graduate student.


2 Projects Completed

She has written several requests for internal funding from her department, but she has also submitted two grant proposals for external funding from scientific institutions.

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