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Marlee has had over two years of writing experience, most of which stem from her time at Radford University. She was a section editor and writer for the student-ran paper, The Tartan, has had three writing internships and has had her blog for almost three years.

Marlee's favorite subject to write about is fashion, however she enjoys tackling new subjects as well. Currently she has a great amount of time to dedicate to writing because she recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in design.


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Marlee is currently a contributing writer for a fashion site that involves submitting 2-3 stories a week about fashion news, trends, opinions and more. She also completed a five month internship with another fashion site focusing on college fashion. While completing both of these projects, she has maintained a personal fashion blog featuring profiles, how to's, opinions and much more.


When Marlee began her internship at a local newspaper, her second assignment was to cover a music event at the local college.


The first assignment given to Marlee at the local newspaper internship was a profile on a local art student who was given a spot at the local museum to showcase his art in a gallery, however there was a slight difference with him. He has a disease that effects his sight, hearing, mobility and his mental state.

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Blog Post

After having a personal fashion blog for almost three years, Marlee has a great deal of experience in writing blog posts varying in length and topic.


Being in journalism and having been the section editor for Scene, Marlee had the job of covering different events on campus ranging from concerts, fashion shows and art galleries.

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