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The whole point of having a blog is to write, right? Pam always loved to write, whether it was doodling on paper as a child while daydreaming in class, or writing in her diary as a teenager. If she had paper and pen, she was happy. She slept with her pen and notebook before sleeping with her husband. Pam has always believed that putting words to paper is a form of art. Creating something that will take someone away on a journey that they would never normally be able to do in "real" life puts a smile on her face. Most of the time it's pretty basic and sometimes even sloppy, but during those inspirational moments when it all comes together, the sky never looked so blue.
Pam has pictures and words constantly running through her head. She strives to put them on paper in such a way that her readers will feel what she is seeing. She wants the readers' hearts to race just like hers, and the aromas that she describes should waft through the readers' nostrils in such a way to cause them to long for that cappuccino steaming in the chunky white mug. Changing words into visions is her goal. One she has been working on for a long time. Whether she ever completes her great American novel and has it reach someone's hands who read it over and over, (which would be amazing) yet, doesn't really matter right now. For now, she loves the experiences and the character that is built when articles and stories come back that have been edited or critiqued. She doesn't like the way it makes her feel, because it stings. A few days go by before she feels like sitting down and writing again. She does it because she loves it. Writing for her is personal. She remembers someone telling her that she should write as if no one will ever read it. Easy to say; harder to practice.
For now, Pam is content writing every day; learning from others and just enjoying the process. A few facts about Pam: She loves God, family and her grandchildren. She is a widow after 29 years of marriage. She raised two amazing children and watched them reach adulthood with pride! Coffee is one of her passions. She craves the ocean, old bookstores, journals, hammocks, the feel of a book in one hand and a great cup of coffee in the other, music, playing her keyboard with headphones on late at night; playing games online with her list of Pandora stations blaring through her earplugs; Friday breakfasts with her family; hunting up new local coffee shops; singing in church; sitting with her grandchildren in church and watching them clap their hands; a good movie that makes her want to stand up and cheer; praying at night before she goes to sleep, and trying to list all the things she's thankful for as the sun rises for a new day.
So, what are Pam's hopes and dreams? To be a better writer, in hopes that someone, someday will read what she has written, and be moved.


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Pam has completed 1 review of a coffee shop in her city. She thoroughly enjoyed this and looks forward to many more. Restaurants, cafe's and local places are things that bring out the best in Pam.

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Pam has completed 3 movie/tv show reviews. The one listed below is from the TV show "Dig". As far as expertise goes, Pam has only been freelance writing and doing reviews of books/tv/movies for the past 6 months. She is not an "expert", yet she loves the challenge of trying something new. Writing has always been her passion.


Pam has completed 1 review of a coffee shop in her city. She thoroughly enjoyed this and looks forward to many more. Restaurants, cafe's and local places are things that bring out the best in Pam.

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Pam has done several move/tv reviews over the past 6 month. Each one she does, she gets better and better at. Sometimes doing a review on something that doesn't quite fit into the taste and passions of her life are challenging. It is a good thing to stretch your boundaries.


Pam has ghostwritten a short story for a publisher in London. She has not been published yet, but hopes that dream will soon become a reality.

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