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Tebel, a recent grad graduate of the professional writing program at Chatham University, is pursuing a career in the teaching field as an online professor. Her love of writing and web development has inspired Tebel to share certain aspects to people of interest.

In her spare time, Tebel enjoys freelance writing on various topics. One particular area that interests Tebel is the storytelling aspect in writing. Regardless of the topic, Tebel is able to paint a visual image in her readers heads through words.

While Tebel doesn't limit her writing topics, her talents lie with parenting, children, fitness, beauty, and web development and design.


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All of Tebel's pieces were created during her master degree program at Chatham University. During Tebel's web development and design course, she created a portfolio of all the materials.

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This piece was created in the early years of mTebel's master degree program. During this course, she created the piece and then had a classmate read over it and provide feedback on how to improve the article. While Tebel's partner didn't offer too much feedback, she gave just enough to add a bit of style to it.

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