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Linda S. is full of words. Earning Master's and Bachelor's degrees with majors in History, Political Science, and the Early Childhood and Secondary education, a flood of words have poured from mouth, hand, and keyboard.

Advanced Placement teaching brought new challenges in "teaching writing" to gifted students. The AP students required considerable teaching in essay writing in order to prepare them to take college credit exams. Grading of the students essays created an opportunity to offer written suggestions to prepare them for college and the essay exams that would earn them 6 college hours for my class.

Working in real estate, Linda S. pens property descriptions, advertising, web content for multiple websites, multiple listing data descriptions, and blogs. Marketing and Web Design are her titles and words her stock and trade.

As a Web Designer outside the real estate field as well, different types of web content are created for a variety of subject matters from exotic animal farms, to B&BS, political organizations to house movers. Linda S. researches for each website to write content applicable to the diverse subjects of the sites.

Free time writing has always been of special interest to Linda S. as well as significant time reading. Writing book or product reviews have created an opportunity to use writing in order to persuade. Personal creation of greeting cards, letters of recommendation, and a variety of prose have given an opportunity for creative expression.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Linda S. has taught at a variety of grade levels from kindergarten to seniors in high school in Advanced Placement classes. Teaching involves curriculum development, lesson planning, lecture notes, and creation of tests. Teaching Kindergarten required the development of written and demonstrative skills to help students develop basic skills, while fostering creativity. Teaching Advance Placement US History required considerable lecture preparation as well as working with seniors to improve their skill in essay writing.
Student's ability to write cohesive and well written essays determined whether they would receive 6 hours of college credit for the AP History class.

Web Development

Linda S. has developed websites for about eighteen clients with diverse subjects ranging from real estate listings, corporate presence webs, sales of a variety of different products or animals, sites with statistical information, RV parks, house movers, auto repair, events and festivals, destination promotion site, city and state area information sites, home remodeling, and a personal web design site. Also experienced at creation of content for Social Media, both corporate and personal, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace.

Real Estate

Linda S. has been in sales, marketing, and advertising for 17 years. The marketing and advertising of properties from one acre to a multimillion dollar ranch involves newspapers, magazines, web content, social media content, Her verbal and written communication is designed to communicate fully in an understandable way, and to persuade people to list property and buy property for sale.

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Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Web Design has been a large part of the seventeen years of experience Linda S. has in both the real estate market and in the diverse other markets of personal design clients. Web pages require composition, image inclusion, and research on a variety of subjects, as varied as the clients. Designing and maintaining sites requires mastery of the client's subject to select content.


Linda S. has worked in real estate as a marketing director and webmaster for seventeen years. She originally took the classes and became a licensed agent, but after a few years, she found that the marketing work was a better fit. She is always looking for the next great way to catch the attention of buyers, sellers, and web visitors.

Direct Mail

Linda S. has been involved in direct mail programs for seventeen years as they are a necessity for real estate marketing. Whether soliciting listings or keeping in touch with a client list, keeping in touch builds loyalty and increases business. She finds it is also a great way to introduce people to new ideas, using humor and wit to invite participation.

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