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Erin is an experienced art historian holding a PhD with a specialization in contemporary and non-western art. She also conducts interviews and reviews, writes academic and popular articles, and is active in the contemporary art scene. She has written academically reviewed articles and presented professionally. She has freelanced and been a ghost writer for some time, and she's an experienced researcher and academic writer.

In addition to academic pursuits, Erin is an accomplished athlete having trained for and completed multiple marathons and ultra marathons.


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This writer has a great deal of experience writing blogs of her own, and as a guest writer on other blogs.

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In addition to freelance writing in this area, Erin has experience with blog based reviews, interviews, and researched articles.


This writer has a great deal of academic writing experience. She is an excellent copywriter and is well versed in the different style guides preferred by academic publishers.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

This writer has a great deal of experience writing blogs of her own, and as a guest writer on other blogs.


An experienced presenter and educator, this writer knows how to craft and engaging and informative presentation implementing AV presentation aids. She has presented in casual, business, and academic settings to a wide variety of audiences.


I am an educator that has used internet video and audio sources to create informative and entertaining pieces. I also have written scripts for graphic novels and other dramatic work.

Twitter Post

I use a professional Twitter account to promote a non-for-profit Arts Community project. Twitter posts are short, funny, and engaging. They usually accompany pictures.

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This writer has years of experience using Facebook to promote local, social events. She knows how to write timely, interesting posts to keep the online community engaged.

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