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Laura began writing at a young age and never stopped. First in the 1990s, Laura penned 8th grade fantasy novels about dragons and the strong girls that came before Katniss. Then she moved awkwardly (and also promisingly) into the teenage poetry phase of punk rock and the first long drives of youth. Later, her twenty-something self scribbled whimsical characters with names like "Pigeon Honeysnap" in a style hinting at Tom Robbins. Through her late 20s, Laura turned to writing scripts for homemade animations; the stop motion world had opened before her like second-by-second flower petals opening. By the age of 30, she brought the written word to the stage and began a non-profit Storytelling Project that did live story-telling events and produced a radio show called "The Porch Swing". Now, in her mid-30s Laura writes and draws comics. She has two comic blogs, writes a cartoon for the local paper, and is working on a 200-paged graphic novel about her family history (and folklore) called "Fairly Subtle". Although Laura has written in all types of styles for all types of reasons, she still holds the art of letter-writing in the utmost esteem. The art of a good letter is the rare and precious art that one is always working at, always parting with, and always waiting for. Laura waits contentedly, pen in hand.


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Laura spent some time in the last few years writing 100-word stories. No more, no less. This is a great way to practice the art of word limits as well as creative writing. Laura enjoys other writing prompts as well and all sorts of educational and creative writing projects.

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Laura keeps journals and pulls from them inspiration for other projects. The remembrance of a humid evening can spur inspiration for the next project, the next animation, or the next comic.

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As a nutritional researcher, Laura has a vast knowledge of the human body, diet, and nutrition. She enjoys writing about the body's relationship to food as well as the social experiences that revolve around food. Laura kept a food blog for a year about the hazards of sugar. This included a great amount of information on healthy living as well as recipes, instructions, advice, and research.

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