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Jessica is a freelance writer with degrees in psychology and English writing. She has spent a lifetime attracted to the craft of writing and the expression of language. With the recent completion of undergraduate studies, she is now focused on putting her passion to work. Although her degree progress was focused on fiction writing, she also possesses experience in other fields and forms of writing through her second Bachelor's degree in psychology and myriad of writing courses completed over the course of her three-year undergraduate career.

Before attending the University of Pittsburgh, Jessica served in the United States Army. During four years of active duty service she gained experience with many forms of government writing.

Jessica’s passion for research and skill for writing provide flexibility with writing assignments.
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Based on past experiences and continuing interests Jessica has particular knowledge within the following fields and project types:

• psychology
• government writing
• memorandums
• Standard Operating Procedures
• literature reviews
• creative writing
• research writing
• military lifestyle
• scientific research
• dog training
• grant and proposal writing
• editing


Jessica is interested in the many ways writing can enhance communications. With experience in research and creative writing, she is uniquely suited to tackling writing assignments from a myriad of fields, addressing goals from advertising to scientific writing for the public.

Her interests include:
• animals
• dog training
• dog breeds
• dog grooming
• cat grooming
• cosmetics
• make-up application
• psychology
• food and wine
• gothic literature
• fantasy literature
• linguistics
• Italian language and culture
• music
• military history
• American history
• automotive mechanics
• automotive racing
• hunting
• shooting sports


University of Pittsburgh

Jessica completed a rigorous course of study in the fields of English writing, with a focus on fiction, and psychology, with additional study in cognitive affective neuroscience and graduated Cum Laude.


63 Projects Completed

Jessica understands the need for businesses to successfully correspond with prospective clientele in efficient and engaging content. She is committed to helping you represent your business endeavors in the appropriate manner for your industry, clientele, and marketing needs.


26 Projects Completed

Four years in the United States Army provided Jessica with government writing experiences. As a Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Specialist stationed with an aviation unit, writing was a primary component of her daily job duties. She understands the variety of formatting, specialized language, and confidential nature of government writing assignments.


26 Projects Completed

Jessica's interest in pets spans many species with a specialization in canines. Her knowledge includes training techniques, bathing tips, grooming standards, and nutrition guidelines. She enjoys writing about all aspects of sharing your life with a furry friend, including sporting events and heartwarming stories.


24 Projects Completed

Jessica successfully fulfilled the rigors of coursework for multiple English Literature classes. These assignments varied from short, blog-like responses of materials read for the class to longer, term papers investigating the complexities and interpretations of novels or collected short stories.


7 Projects Completed

Jessica writes research-focused articles exploring topics of modern psychology. She understands the importance of APA formatting, accurate research and fact-checking, and the tentative nature of scientific discovery. She is able to write for specialized audiences in academia or for the non-scientific audience in an everyday-approachable style.


6 Projects Completed

Jessica's passion for good food and local produce makes writing about food an easy and enjoyable task. Her experience, aside from explorative eating in traveling adventures, consists of writing blogs and articles examining different aspects of global foodways, including anthropological perspectives and meal planning tips.

Non Profit

1 Projects Completed

Over the course of one semester, Jessica completed a grant proposal for a local non-profit organization as requirement for completion of the class Grant and Proposal Writing. Since that experience, she has developed a passion for assisting non-profits and their worthy causes.


56 Projects Completed

Jessica has experience writing articles that range in topic from beauty product reviews to research-focused psychology findings.

Blog Post

16 Projects Completed

Jessica enjoys writing blog posts. Their brevity is challenging but, with today's increasing reliance on technology, bringing information to readers in the most efficient way possible is necessary and rewarding.

Facebook Post

1 Projects Completed

Jessica assisted with wording and grammar on a Facebook post for a local business while she was there for services.


1 Projects Completed

Jessica's initial foray into grant and proposal writing was a very rewarding experience and she looks forward to future projects within this asset type.

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