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Trenee has always been a fan of the public library--even as a child--and her love of reading eventually evolved into a passion for writing. Through the years, she's attempted to gain experience in various arenas of authorship that include: book reviews, scholarly papers, fiction, restaurant/food critiques, transcription, bibliographies, and other work related assignments. They say that the challenge of writing is ignoring the thought that there are others out there that are better than you. In her opinion, the real problem with writing is that everybody wants to do it and we all have something to prove. Trenee seeks opportunities that will allow her to develop and enhance her writing portfolio through a variety of challenging assignments. She hopes that Writers Access is the place for such.


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Trenee is a writer with experience writing biographies, cookbook reviews, and restaurant/food critiques.


Trenee has extensive experience with academic and scholarly writing, specializing in locating obscure research materials to support arguments.


Most of Trenee's experience relates to creative writing and/or fiction. Graduate school provided her with the opportunity to develop her craft, work amongst well-known authors, and publish many of her works.

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Trenee is a former blogger for BGLB on Wordpress where she focused on literature and other related topics.

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