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Kelly has over a decade experience in professional writing within the tech sphere. She got her start as a lowly web editor for Blizzard Entertainment and branched out to become a blogger and content marketer. She has published four novels, a wealth of short stories, hundreds of blog articles on a variety of topics ranging from the culinary arts, crafting, law, tech, physics, publishing, and the zombie apocalypse.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Kelly is a seasoned writer when it comes to issues pertaining to high tech. Whether it's the latest gadget or programming language, a new trend in the industry, a legal issue pending, or a retrospective approach, odds are she has written about it and can tackle it head on.


Do you have some off-the-wall request? Chances are Kelly can handle it. Her hobbies include learning physics for fun, mastering video editing over the course of a month out of boredom, designing a zombie-proof safe zone and then running a crowd simulation program to see if her defense system would work (it did). She loves mixing curiosity, creativity, and a bit of humor for content that will draw plenty of readers!


As a published author, Kelly knows the way the publishing game is played both inside and out. She has been through the process both the traditional route and the independent route. She keeps tabs on the industry as well and can provide insightful and well-written articles about trends in publishing from a cultural and technological point-of-view.

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Kelly was a blogger for an online retailer for several years before she branched out to start freelancing and launch her own business. She has plenty of experience in writing for blog and understands the medium and its formatting requirements quite well.

Facebook Post

Kelly worked as a social media marketer writing copy and posting promotions to social channels, including Facebook, for Beach Trading, Inc. Her posts were incredibly successful and lead to an increase in sales as she was able to match great text, eye-catching images, and the audience's desires with her employer's wants for maximum effectiveness.

Web Page

Kelly has written a variety of pages, SEO-friendly for retail and gaming sites, and is comfortable working with a CMS or having to input the HTML code herself.

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