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Sheri is a full time writer and mother of three from Austin Texas. She has been published in Parents Magazine as well as various news papers in her local area. She is a member of the Texas Writers League as well as ARWA and currently the head and founder of an online Weight Loss and Motivational Goal oriented group. Sheri enjoys writing both fiction and non-fiction as well as spending time in her garden. She finds inspiration everywhere and has a unique insight in to relationships within the family.


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Sheri is a certified health coach located in Austin Texas. She helps clients achieve their health and wellness goals through counseling as well as motivational talks. Sheri is also the founder and leader of an online weight loss and health goal oriented group that provides motivation and education to men and women nationwide.

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Sheri has written and published dozens of articles on various subjects. She has published internal articles in large companies as well as local print.

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