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Maleeha has written ever since she could. Short stories, poems, fabricated news articles. The need to write was only heightened after discovering the existence of the word document on an old 90s computer. Hand written stories were a pain for Maleeha, because she had the worst handwriting known to man and what point was it if she couldn't even read her writing? The sudden and new writing platform that was the word document allowed Maleeha to actually be able to read what she was writing and share her writing with others.

In high school, Maleeha was placed in the highest English classes and teachers routinely rewarded her with A graded papers. In eleventh grade, Maleeha joined the school's newspaper and had countless articles printed. In college, Maleeha took poetry class, creative writing classes and anthropology classes, which requires intensive writing. Learning new things and incorporating the knowledge into her writing was exciting to her.

After she graduated college, she began freelance writing. She has worked with a few dedicated clients who use her as a regular writer for their blogs and article posts. This has only motivated her to get further into the freelance world by expanding her networks. She believes this is a platform in which her writing skills will be used effectively, as she will be able to provide clients with well written and thorough pieces. She has vast knowledge of a variety of subject. And if not, well, there's always the internet to gain knowledge from--and she is quite a quick learner.
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Editing and proofreading.


Writing, reading, biking, running, music, movies, journalism



Maleeha graduated with a bachelors in biology and a minor in psychology.


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Maleeha took a women's studies course, in which she learned a lot and wrote numerous articles. The sample provided was from an assignment she had to write about--using The Yellow Wallpaper as the main focus--that seeks to give reason behind why the sudden "illness" spread among only upper-class women in the 19th to early 20th century.

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64 Projects Completed

In her short time since stepping into the freelance world, Maleeha has written countless blog posts, from SEO blog posts to web content blog posts of varying subjects. The sample provided is for an autoblog--the topic of focus being windshield replacement versus repair.

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