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Peter has piloted a unique set of experiences and career highlights that enable him to write like few others can. His international and personal experiences give him mufti-cultural and life perspectives that add depth to his writing. As a former marketing manager with several high-tech companies, Peter is intimate with technical writing and gifted with a creative flair that enables him to translate technical concepts for business-to-business user as well as the consumer.

Peter is an efficient project manager of creative and tactical processes that produces effective digital content to drive sales. By leveraging relevant content that focuses on product features and benefits, skilled use of keywords, videos and images, he has drafted hundreds of product robust descriptions for amazon.com and 3M Companies. He has also been called upon to draft blog and email content to support eCommerce initiatives.

Peter also applies creative and technical writing skills to develop highly effective professional résumés and related projects such as professional biographies and LinkedIn profiles. He likens these projects to that of authoring success stories for clients in the process of advancing their careers.


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Peter researches, achieves in-depth technical understanding of products and authors robust descriptions to be used online. He has authored hundreds of descriptions, infusing relevant content to expand use of keywords and educate the buyer. in one case, sales rose 140% in two months following deployment of Peter's content.


Peter applies the sum total of his military and civilian career and life experiences to create interview-winning resumes for his clients. His grasp of technical and career concepts allows him to serve a wide range of clients, from the Chief Medical Officer of a major health care provider to a road construction worker and anyone in between.

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Summary of Product Experience


An example of Peter's ability to digest technical concepts and re-purpose them for the consumer. This is a decision guide for the consumer who is considering a hearing aid.

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