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Joel has been a passionate writer for the last three years after leaving the telecommunications industry. Though he has a passion for technology, he discovered that his real passion was writing about technology and related disciplines. As a copywriter, his writing has taken many different forms including blog posts, informational content for the purpose of content marketing, SEO copy, technical security news coverage, as well as how-to documentation. Even though Joel is most passionate about technology, he also has years of experience writing informational law content, informational business pieces from a variety of industries, and trending news stories.


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Summary of Industry Experience

Search Marketing

Joel has been an SEO content writer for over two and a half years, covering topics such as the latest Google search engine algorithm updates as well as emerging technologies. Furthermore, Joel has compared top web platforms and their integrated SEO tools, informing the audience about risks, best practices, and other considerations. With a thorough knowledge of SEO best practices and techniques, Joel has experience creating unique location pages that add value to the reader's experience in accordance with the latest Google updates. In addition, Joel is experienced in the ethical practice of content marketing.


With a degree in a business major and years of experience writing about business topics from a variety of industries, Joel is well versed in writing informational business content, product reviews, and and sales copy. He was written for industries including, but not limited to the following: corporate compliance, insurance, utility and energy efficiency, business law, telecom expense management, accounting, corporate management, employee health and wellness programs, and business-to-business markets.


Joel has a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems and over 3 years of experience working as a network engineer. Additionally, Joel has multiple vender specific IT certifications including the following: CCNP, CCDA, CCNA - Security. Furthermore, he has years of experience with hardware and operating systems configuration, management, and administration.

As a writer, Joel has written about topics including technical hardware concepts, networking protocols and technologies, best practices for online privacy, Google search engine algorithm updates, breaking news regarding security vulnerabilities, and the latest technology trends.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

As an experienced blogger and a ghostwriter, Joel has written blogs for websites across very diverse industries. He understands the difference between SEO-centered blog posts, blogs that exist to purely add educational value, and trending blog posts to facilitate content marketing. Furthermore, his SEO experience has taught him how crucial it is to keep up with the latest indexing and search algorithm updates to stay ahead of the curve.

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