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Alyssa B. has a master's degree in English and American Literature and is a college writing instructor with nine years professional experience. She got her start creating instructional materials for adult students, including manuals outlining effective strategy for essay writing, scholarly/professional research, basic grammar, and mechanics. In designing coursework for college classrooms, Alyssa gained extensive experience in relaying complex ideas in a simple, engaging way. Today, she writes copy for a number of companies and retail outlets, optimizing their website and print projects for overall impact. Outside of education, Alyssa is a freelance writer penning original work for clients in a variety of fields. Her specialties include:

-Blog Articles
-News Articles & Press Releases
-Product Descriptions & Reviews (Amazon, etc.)
-Website Copy
-FB & Twitter Announcements
-Business Proposals
-Competitive Analyses
-Social Media & Site "Listicles"

Her expertise and interests lie in topics pertaining to advertising, home improvement, interior design, hospitality, entertainment, celebrity culture, fashion, education, finance, health and nutrition, hobbies, real estate, law, food, travel, and technology. She is looking to leverage her writing, editing, and research skills to contribute unique, quality copy for as many clients as possible.

Alyssa B. promises the utmost professionalism and quality for your next writing project. You can expect impeccable grammar, punctuation, organization, readability, and accuracy no matter the complexity of the assignment. She ensures timely turnover and compliance with initial and revision request deadlines.

Here are some reviews she's received from past clients:

The article is perfect. You did a great job. Thank you, Alyssa.

The reason I chose you for this project was your pitch; the simple idea that you know how to read between the lines directly addressed what this project needed. Your work is concise, accurate (I've done a bit of research too), and a joy to read. Thank you for a job well done, and kindly accept my gratuity for the extended work you did. I hope to work with you again soon.

Thank you for going above and beyond!

Thanks for the speedy response!

This is great! Thank you so much!
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Alyssa specializes in writing unique blog posts, site copy, advertising materials, as well as catchy, creative tag lines for your business's website. She also enjoys projects calling for an engaging but simple style--the type of quick one-liners and calls to action that pack a powerful punch.

Outside of freelance writing, much of Alyssa's work is in education, as she has over seven years experience teaching college composition and literature. She is well versed in research and in relaying technical or complex information in a simple, accessible voice for an adult audience. This makes her writing style perfect for clients in law, medicine, technology, and other industries prone to highly technical jargon and complex concepts.

Alyssa can also adapt her writing to exude a casual, engaging voice. Given her love for social media and Hollywood entertainment, she's an ideal writer for clients looking for a style intended to draw an audience in through its verbiage. Alyssa has completed a number of gallery-style "listicle" assignments, drawing from her own interest in popular culture to appeal to certain online readers.


Entertainment, Health, and Beauty

Alyssa's true love lies in the realm of Hollywood. She's an admitted victim of tabloid gossip and reality television, but she's able to examine those guilty pleasures and write about them in a witty fashion. She's great for creating content geared toward younger 20s to 40s audiences. Alyssa is in tune with current music, clothing, television, film, and other pop culture trends. She also loves following health and cooking fads to keep her family in top shape. Alyssa is an expert in skin care, makeup brands and application techniques, as well as hairstyling.

LIfestyle, Real Estate, and Marketing

Alyssa loves a writing and research challenge, but beyond her scholarly and writing experience, she's an avid beach goer. Having grown up at the Jersey shore, Alyssa has intimate knowledge of the happenings of a tourist town. This makes her a fitting candidate for projects related to vacations, travel, public events, and even real estate. She's completed many projects intended to drum up excitement for concerts, vacation destinations, and even museums. Alyssa recently wrote a top 10 style article about the best restaurants in New England.

Home Improvement and Design

Recently married and remodeling her home, Alyssa also enjoys writing about her experiences in home improvement. From more extensive homeowner repairs and refurbishing to goofy everyday life-hacks, she's got lots of ideas to share. Alyssa is comfortable using industry-specific jargon, performing any required research if necessary. These skills have helped her complete a large number of recent projects in construction and demolition, helping a company fill out its website content. Alyssa also wrote a number of reviews for a tile company, focusing on recent home trends.


Having grown up with technology through her schooling, Alyssa is comfortable writing about a variety of aspects of the tech world, including online marketing strategy and product innovations. She's dabbled in technical writing related to her career, but in her spare time, she loves keeping up to date on trends having to do with computers, the Internet, music equipment, video games, and more.


Seton Hall University

Alyssa received her Masters degree from Seton Hall University. She was employed by the University as a Graduate Assistant, teaching composition and literature courses.


142 Projects Completed

Alyssa B. has written numerous blog posts, product descriptions, and other copy for clients in the food industry. She has crafted a number of SEO-optimized Amazon listings for clients selling ready-to-eat delights as well as ingredient-based products. Working for a repeat client, Alyssa B. has prepared a number of brochures and presentation materials for companies in the meat, poultry, cheese, snack, and dessert industries.


68 Projects Completed

Alyssa excels at writing website copy and articles on a variety of home improvement and other topics. In this sample, she alerts readers of current trends in bathroom tiling.


62 Projects Completed

Alyssa B. excels at delivering fresh, interesting content for the beauty, skincare, and health-conscious audience. In the following sample, she explores skin care advice for adults with acne.


28 Projects Completed

Alyssa B. can leverage her writing skills to deliver content for a variety of hobbies. In the following sample, she appeals to the automobile industry as well as bicyclists in a blog post.


17 Projects Completed

Alyssa creates college course materials including detailed instructions, notes, guides, syllabi, exams, and assignments for college level writing students.


13 Projects Completed

Alyssa B. has worked with a number of clients in the legal field, both in-person and online. The excerpt provided is from a blog post on duty, breach, causation, and damages in a motorcycle accident claim.


10 Projects Completed

Alyssa B's talent in scholarly research helps inform her work in the medical field. She's written short, informative blog posts and has also built 17 page, 8,500 word websites from the ground up. Here, she writes an informational marketing piece on the benefits of dietary fiber.


8 Projects Completed

Alyssa has experience writing reviews, how-to guides, and other copy relevant to makeup, hair, and general beauty trends. Here, she discusses mineral makeup and its superior performance for women who love going to the beach.


6 Projects Completed

Alyssa B.'s talent shines when she generates marketing content, but her insights on fashion and culture also help inform her quality work. The following blog piece features a unique take on selling jewelry while delivering interesting content to customers.


5 Projects Completed

Alyssa B. can provide clean, compelling copy to contribute to your company's goals. Here, she shows off her technological savvy in a piece on marketing in the digital age.


3 Projects Completed

Alyssa B. can adapt her writing to accommodate nearly any audience your company targets. When it comes to business, her style conforms appropriately, as evidenced in the following article written for wealthy taxpayers.


2 Projects Completed

Alyssa has written a number of nonfiction essays and articles on a wide range of topics. Here, she explores the American phenomenon of tailgating.


1 Projects Completed

Alyssa has written personal blog posts on a wide range of topics. While much of her work is education related, such as the one provided here, she is also interested in issues relevant to a number of careers. The featured blog post concerns tax write-offs for adjunct professors. Note: This excerpt comes from a personal blog and thus uses the 1st-person "I." Alyssa will not be writing about herself in your articles.

Blog Post

408 Projects Completed

Alyssa B. specializes in a variety of blog post topics, writing for clients in health, nutrition, lifestyle, marketing, home improvement, and more. She's skilled at integrating eye-catching lists, headlines, and other variations on copy to draw in an audience. Alyssa B. also excels at longer, meticulously researched blog articles.

Product Description

352 Projects Completed

Alyssa has extensive experience writing Amazon product listings for a wide range of clients. She consults with special SEO software to target optimal keywords for visibility and traffic. Let her capture the essence of your goods while delivering the important facts and features with a fresh, engaging tone. From home furnishings and appliances to hair care, tech toys, and fine collectibles, Alyssa maintains quite a few clients who have found great success relaunching their Amazon product listings with her insight.

First, Alyssa crafts the perfect title utilizing the best terms to fit the product and its unique offerings. Then, she'll draft up strong essential bullet points necessary for converting buyers once they've landed on your page. Finally, she tops off the listing with a compelling description replete with a compelling call to action. She's honed a recipe for success. Why not share in it?


98 Projects Completed

Alyssa B. has completed a variety articles on health, lifestyle, education, marketing, technology, home improvement, and more. She's skilled at capturing an informational but casual feel, appealing to a wide audience. Alyssa specializes in relaying complex information in an accessible way, providing educational material both short and long.

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