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He has been writing academically for nearly a decade. Most recently he completed a masters thesis where he recorded oral histories, transcribed them, then wrote essays based on their main themes.

He has also written numerous articles during his time as a content writer. Most recently he has been writing articles for about issues of recycling, sustainability, and artists using recycled materials.
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His specialities include sustainability, environmentalism, green living, green energy, history, american west, oral history, photography, landscape photography, environmental photography, anthropology, travel photography and travel.


His interests include photography, criminal history, anthropology, cultural anthropology, oral history, environmental issues and endangered species.


University of Utah

He specialized in cultural and ethnographic anthropology. He is very knowledgeable about world cultures and how they interact.

University of Utah

He excels in the area of environmental issues. From sustainable energy, sustainable living, global climate change, species loss and many other themes he is knowledgeable and interested.

University of Utah

A strong understanding of how the human and natural world overlap was developed during this program. He finished his masters project conducting oral history interviews regarding local federal land issues.

Non Profit

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He has been writing and researching for the non-profit sector for quite some time. He has worked doing oral history interviews then writing articles for museums, conducted research for environmental non-profit, and wrote content of non-profit projects.

Green Living

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With a masters degree in environmental humanities and a bachelors degree in environmental studies he is extremely knowledgeable about all environmental topics. Ranging from regional issues in the American West to the discussion of endangered species he can work with all topics with a high level of knowledge.

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Since early 2015 he has been heavily engaged in making inroads into the world of freelance content writing. He has written numerous and diverse articles ranging from highlights of national parks to what students need to know before going to college. With his academic writing background he has a strong understanding of multiple writing styles and is meticulous with his edits.

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