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Michael has written the horror screenplay, DEAD afterlife. It's currently in-development to be made into a feature length motion picture, with attachments from major Hollywood actors from the horror genre. He is also a movie critic and operations manager for the Horrornews.net website. Michael also handles celebrity interviews and his responsibilities include transcribing those interviews in written form for the website. He has also had much success with his paranormal column, Unexplained Confidential. In addition to Horrornews.net, Michael has written for the print publication, Screem Magazine. He has also previously written for 1Wrestling.com, ObsessedwithFilm.com, and TotallyDrivenTV.com


Screenwriting, Movie Reviews, Retrospective


Horror, Science Fiction, Paranormal, 1970's Cinema, Professional Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Film Making, Acting, Directing, Film Production, Crowd Funding, Heavy Metal Music, 1980's Music, Comic Cons, Film Festivals


Camden County College

Michael uses his knowledge of Marketing in his every day management of Horrornews.net website.


100 Projects Completed

Michael has the most experience in writing articles in the entertainment industry. This includes his movie screenplay, DEAD afterlife, as well as the horror genre website, Horrornews.net.


100 Projects Completed

Michael has written 100's of articles for entertainment websites that include, Horrornews.net, ObsessedwithFilm.com, and TotallyDrivenTV.com. These articles come in the form of movie reviews, specialty columns, and more.

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