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Throughout high school Jonathan had no idea on what he wanted to do in the future. He had struggled most of his life with keeping his Asperger's under control and by the time high school began he had achieved that goal. However, his future was uncertain until one day he realized something: he enjoyed writing move reviews for leisure and adored film. By the time he was a senior in high school it was all settled, Jonathan would become a film critic. He enrolled in Mercy College and took up Journalism as his major and strived to achieve his degree. Jonathan took film and media classes to gather an understanding of how film worked so as to become more analytical with his style of writing. Jonathan would write essays on film history as well as analyzing film which helped his writing become stronger and greater in length. Jonathan's writing became more in depth and creative which in turn earned him good grades for his hard work. Once his journalism classes started Jonathan took this newly acquired experience and applied it to writing news stories in the surroundings of his school and hometown. It was this experience that left a lasting impact on Jonathan as it opened up the world of journalism to him and through the constant guidance and teachings of his professors Jonathan was allowed on to the school paper, The Impact, to write as a film critic. His ambition briefly realized, Jonathan took his new writing style and applied it to his reviews for The Impact. What were once short rants in block text format was now aspects of movies split into clean paragraphs with each section analyzed. His writing had also paid off in other ways such as receiving two accolades in writing and his constant good grades led to him being award Program Honors in Media Studies. Sadly like childhood college must end and Jonathan went out into the world with his newfound experience to conquer his ambition once and for all. This proved to be difficult, though, as Jonathan struggled to find employment. Breaking in to the journalism industry was difficult enough but becoming a film critic seemed like an unreachable goal. However, that didn't get Jonathan down. He swore he would use his experience and degree to achieve what he desired. Soon Jonathan came across The Artifice, a website dedicated to writing articles on different forms of media. With The Artifice Jonathan was able to reapply his writing skill once more and even polish it some through the help of the community of The Artifice. After posting some articles and gaining more experience in his writing Jonathan went on his job search once more, this time coming across WritersAccess. What he found was a site that would allow him to use his style of writing and his experience to write articles and make a living for himself, finally being able to put his degree and all that he learned through time to good use.