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Timothy has a broad range of creative and technical writing experience. In law school he served as an editor of the prestigious Boston College Law Review. As a journalist for Lawyers Weekly USA he wrote numerous articles on a broad range of high-profile Supreme Court cases, cutting edge legal issues and ground-breaking cases. As a practicing attorney he has drafted a broad range of legal contracts and research memos. Moving into the business world, Timothy revitalized his company's brand profile, oversees all aspects of the annual production of two product catalogs, and writes or edits all advertising, marketing and sales copy for the company. Timothy also writes greeting card verses for cards of all occasions. Timothy also has extensive experience writing inspirational sermons, talks and papers on spiritual and religious matters.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Timothy has extensive experience in preparing marketing and advertising pieces promoting specific products, detailing product features, and touting brand attributes. Timothy has also written numerous public relations pieces and press releases that have been adopted in whole or large part in articles written in trade magazines and regional newspapers.


Having practiced in prestigious law firms, Timothy has in-depth experience in drafting a host of legal documents and agreements, including memoranda of law, contracts, lease agreements, license agreements, corporate maintenance documents, settlement agreements, and more. In addition, as a journalist for a national legal newspaper, Timothy wrote numerous front page and lead articles on trending legal issues and high-profile legal cases, as well as case briefs and U.S. Supreme Court decisions.


As an ordained minister, Timothy has written dozens of motivating, spiritually moving sermons that help people develop their spiritual life and enhance their relationships with their higher power and with others. He has also written several lessons, presentations and research papers on matters of faith and religious belief.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Timothy has been primarily responsible for the layout, copywriting and editing of major product catalogs for several years. He has a wealth of experience in writing crisp, concise and engaging product descriptions, brand selling points and customer program highlights.

Press Release

Most of Timothy's press releases and written responses to journalists' questions have been used virtually unchanged and unedited from their original form. He has experience in promoting company successes, new product launches, key hirings and a variety of other news-worthy events and activities.

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