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Cheryl has a BA in Journalism from the State University of New York College at Buffalo. She has five years experience writing for non-profit, for-profit, educational, and government entities, along with sports and news writing experience for a small newspaper. For the past two years, she has also been freelance writing for a wide variety of clients.


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Industry Projects

  • Consumer Goods100+
  • Business20+
  • Travel20+

Summary of Industry Experience

Consumer Goods

Cheryl enjoys writing product descriptions for a wide variety of products, including flower arrangements, wedding accents and favors, and food and beverage products.


Cheryl has covered various topics in the business industry, including finance, the economy, and trucking and logistics.


Cheryl has worked with a variety of clients covering a variety of cultural aspects of different cities, including holidays and festivals.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Cheryl enjoys researching and creatively writing informative, fun blog posts on a variety of topics.

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