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Erich started out his professional life in the United States Marine Corps. After serving there honorably for awhile, he found himself in the security and skydiving industry. It was in the skydiving industry where he first wrote professionally. This particular item was part of his standard job, and involved working on the technical manual for his company. Since then he has always enjoyed writing. He has spent time in several industries, traveled or lived on three continents, and generally had quite a diverse life experience. He has written copy for retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. In industries that include but are not limited to: Parachute technology, finance, arms and ammunition, alcohol, tobacco (including cigars and pipes), and fashion. He currently lives in South Dakota where he works as an executive for a manufacturing company, and a Police Department, and enjoys blacksmithing in his free time.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Erich has written many pieces of copy for the alcohol and tobacco industry, as well as having written blog entries for the same. They have included instructive, informative, and entertaining pieces. He is really quite able to apply this to any of the luxury industries with ease.


Erich has written sections of technical operations manuals, as well as technical data and copy for technical items. He has done this on many occasions over a decade and a half.


Erich has a little experience writing in relation to the political world. His most passionate writing will be geared toward the "pro-constitution" ideology, though he can write about it well outside of this framework. His logic and his analytical mind lend well to this industry.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Erich has done quite a few blog posts in the cigar industry over the past eight year period. Some of them are interest driven, some technical, and some merely informative and fun.


Erich has written many unpublished novellas and novels. He is happy to ghost write for someone's data, and has assisted in review for several published pieces.

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