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Robert has written for various online publications throughout the years mostly focusing on entertainment, music, and sports. He is also a stand-up comedian, blogger, and has a day job where he is a Digital Marketing Manager where he builds out client presentations, writes advertising copy, and keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry and emerging technologies.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Robert blog about his life in a humorous and, sometimes, "oh, no he didn't" manner. His blog, Comedy Is Dead, speaks about various awkward situations and is an inside look at someone trying to make it as a comedian.


Robert is currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Westwood One where he builds client pitches, follows industry trends, and write ad copy. He was also a contributor to Advertising Week where he wrote about the radio industry and marketing practices in each medium.


Robert is currently the pop culture and entertainment writer for Popandscotch.com where he speaks about television, music, movies and which celebrity may have fallen accidentally.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

Twitter Post

Robert has helped build social media presence for multiple clients including being the social media manager for a professional bowling team. He streamlined their efforts and built a cohesive plan that allowed them to maximize their reach.

Radio Spot

Robert has worked in the radio industry for over seven years with two of them in local radio where he not only wrote spots but produced and even laid-down voice overs. His understanding of the industry and its trends provides a unique look-in to what works, what doesn't and when to hit the airwaves.

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