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Mark has been a professional writer and editor for decades, beginning as a newspaper reporter at a small daily in 1985. His most recent full-time position was as a magazine writer and copy editor. He has been writing part time online since 2011. He is a top-tier writer on various topics at one site and a freelance writer for another site reporting on archaeology, prehistory and ancient history.

Mark writes intelligent, accurate articles that are well-written and easily understood by people of almost any education level. He works hard to make his articles interesting, well-researched and easy to read.


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Mark wrote how-to articles on many subjects, including a few on gardening. In addition to this article about choosing plant soil, he wrote a how-to article on establishing a community garden that included information about some of the technical aspects.


Mark has written health- and medicine-related articles for newspapers and the Web. Most of the health articles he wrote were for a website that provides how-to articles.


Mark has written on science and the environment as a newspaper reporter and Web writer. One of his beats early in his career was as an environmental writer for a daily newspaper.

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Mark was a newspaper reporter for 10 years and a magazine writer for 10 years. He wrote the article that follows in 2015 for an ancient history website that he freelances for.

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