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Words have always been more important to the author than nearly anything else. Reading great books has taught him about himself and the world in ways he didn't think possible. This doesn't make him unique of course, a lot of people feel this way. But it does explain why he got into writing in such a deep way. He has been writing for years, for himself, a kind of long apprenticeship, and has recently had the privilege of turning it into a profession. He has written on topics from science, to theology, to spirituality, to environmentalism, to philosophy, and beyond. He looks forward to working with you and your project as well.


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Industry Projects

  • Spirituality3
  • Green Living2

Summary of Industry Experience


The author, whose primary profession is a professor of philosophy, has published in several different journals, presented at conferences, written innumerable reports and essays on philosophical and theological issues, and edited countless student essays on the same topics. His expertise spans philosophical and spiritual traditions.

Green Living

The author has published with the "Center for Humans and Nature" website. His pieces so far are concerned with the relationship that humans have to walking, particularly in cities, where there seems to be a lack of connection with nature. He intends to continue publishing with this website.

Product Projects

  • Press Release5
  • Article2

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

The author has worked for an organization that puts together and promotes events in the humanities. In his capacity as an assistant at the organization, the author has written numerous press releases and public service announcements.


The author has had two professional articles published in both specialized and general reading markets. His experience is in the writing of technical articles for professionals in his field, as well as more popular articles for a wider readership.

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