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Larry started writing at the age of five when he grabbed a copy of Mad magazine from a friends dad. He began writing short stories with cartoon people and animals. Larry was first published in the Herald Standard, a local newspaper at the age of six when he wrote an article about the school's flagpole.

Larry has continued creating unique content for the last thirty years for various publications in print and in digital form. He published his first children's book, "Judd And The Mudwell Bullies" in 2014 and is working on his first novel due to be finished in 2016.


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Larry has written two books in his career. One is a children's book and the other is a novel to be released in 2016.

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Larry has written a volume of short stories throughout his career. He has sold numerous stories to a multitude of clients through the years.


Larry cut his teeth in the writing industry by working on music reviews and sending them off to various music sources. His love of music is still with him.


Larry has created an array of articles that interest him. He has no limits on what he'd write. Larry has written about a flagpole, lego sets, Volkswagen Bugs, Pearl Jam, Janet Reno, the Dunkin Donuts guy, and many other subjects and objects. Larry likes to write about subjects that he doesn't know in order to keep him on his toes. One time, Larry was set to cover a relay race for a benefit in Pittsburgh, PA. He was set to work when an albino squirrel caught his eye. He walked over and took a few pictures and asked the people of the city about these squirrel. He covered the race as instructed, but he wrote copy for both subjects. The relay was published and the albino squirrel story was covered as well.

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Larry has had an ongoing blog for the last five years but in different incarnations. He loves the freedom to create whatever he wants on the blank pages of his blog.


Larry has written two books in his career. One is a children's book and the other is a novel to be released in 2016.

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