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No stranger to variety, Venus has a long, passionate history with the written word. She began by winning virtually every contest she entered in grade school and continued to wow scholastic onlookers until a she ultimately decided to explore her writing on a professional level.

Years later, and now possessing a dual B.S. degree in English-creative writing/ sociology, she has been working as a freelance writer for the past 5 years. Multifaceted and highly innovative, she has honed expertise in social media, article/ content creation, resume writing, web copy, press release writing, songwriting, short stories, poetry, and is working on a number of large scale, personal projects behind the scenes. Her hope is that she can continue to flourish as a print professional while acquiring new clients, as well as maintaining relationships with ones from the past.


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Venus L's Press Release Product Experience

37 Projects Completed

Skilled in crafting an array of compelling press releases, Venus is adept at writing press releases that generate results.

Industry Projects

  • Entertainment100+
  • Music100+
  • Relationships20+
  • Real Estate20+
  • Fitness20+
  • Fashion20+
  • Women10+
  • Politics10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Skilled in creating a vast array of entertainment related writings, Venus has worked with a variety of indie labels and artists on crafting and branding their professional personas. She also has lots of experience writing about celebrities, wealth, and all things Hollywood.


A naturally inclined musician, Venus began writing lyrics at the age of 5. As an adult, she has been on both sides of the industry. Both working as a recording artist as well as working with up and coming artists to help build their sounds as well as overall brands.


Over 3 years of experience in writing an array of blogs and articles centering on the subject of relationships.

Real Estate

Have provided web-copy for a number of real estate-related businesses.


Impressive ability to craft pieces based on an array of fitness-focused workouts, dietary guidelines, and other pertinent? information to help promote a healthy and fit lifestyle.


A self proclaimed fashionista, Venus has always had an eye for fashion. She has written and even worked with a number of indie artist to help them discover their personal style.


Over 4 years of experience writing content centered on the female species and how the world interacts with and affects them.


Adept in crafting politically-focused articles and copy for school as well as a variety of sites and professionals.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Twitter Post20+
  • Press Release20+

Summary of Product Experience


Adept in creating an array of articles on a wide variety of subject matters. Venus has written articles on everything from movies to financial matters. She enjoys writing on subject matters that she is interested in as she always learn more about them via the process of researching and writing various projects.

Twitter Post

Adept in social media, Venus has operated a number of pages for up and coming entertainment companies.

Press Release

Skilled in crafting an array of compelling press releases, Venus is adept at writing press releases that generate results.

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