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Scott has extensive experience in speech writing that include public engagements and campaign speeches to complex matters involving public health. Scott has become a PowerPoint guru mastering the arts of compelling story telling through the power of words and emotional pictures to captivate audiences. He is an exceptional letter writer, report writer, and is superb at editing and finding an easier way to write about difficult topics. Priding himself on fact checking, Scott has taken the skill of press releases to the next level writing them with pinpoint AP accuracy and successfully pitching them to national news organizations. With an eye on always understanding the audience, Scott has always focused on shaping stories and framing the right message.

Scott's writing background stems from communications and public relations roles with the Office of the Governor in Texas, two non-profits, and serving as assistant director and senior adviser for the press office and government relations arm for the Texas Department of State Health.
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Quinnipiac University

After serving in the US Coast Guard for five years and taking on elected duties as a city council member and candidate for state representative, Scott took his passion for government to university studies at Quinnipiac. Completing three years of education in a two year period, Scott took several English courses designed to challenge his writing style to include English Essay as a Genre and several natural writing courses. Honing his craft in writing, he applied this skill to his political science training exceeding academic standards at the university and being inducted into the National Political Honors Society, Pi Sigma Alpha.

Southern New Hampshire University

Scott completed his degree Summa Cum Lauda with Southern New Hampshire University where he excelled in research writing in military history. Having a penchant for insuring facts were historically correct, this translated well into his professional writing career when completing press releases, speeches, and other various writing assignments.


200 Projects Completed

Speech to Texas First Responders. Scott wrote this speech from an emotional perspective to honor fallen first responders and recognize a tragic event that occurred. This is considered medical writing as it addresses the medical community and provides a topic that captivated the audience to address public health preparedness.


25 Projects Completed

Scott wrote this speech, medical in nature, which was targeted towards women during the annual National Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. Considering that this writing is gender-specific, it is intended to educate and promote awareness specifically for women. Scott has had a lot of experience dealing with women's health issues and has even written for Yale University at the Women's Health Research at Yale - a non-profit organization specializing in gender specific health issues.


8 Projects Completed

Testimony to United States Congress. This is a stylized type of writing that Scott professionalizes in which was given to a professional panel and is largely viewed as a legal statement. Scott emphasizes that the writing must be precise, accurate, and above all factually correct. Additionally, this type of writing can be used as a briefing to boards, committees, and testimony to government bodies.


167 Projects Completed

Mental Health Disorders Among Veterans. Scott wrote this speech in a two-fold manner. The first part was to elicit strong emotional reaction to the invisible wounds of war. The second part was used to educate and promote awareness of mental health issues for veterans. Scott stresses the importance of using controversial or hard-hitting language in the opening of speeches. Though the person for which he wrote this speech for generally shied away from this format, Scott was able to put the punches into the speech later in the body which served both the needs of the audience and for whom he wrote for.

Press Release

100 Projects Completed

Publication of Yale pilot study tackles neurological diseases in women. This press release was an actual outline that was written by Scott and used to position a research paper to national media spotlighting the unique research and advantages Yale research promotes. Additionally, this is another example of gender-specific issues primarily focused on women. When constructing a press release, Scott insures that the headline captures the audience and the first paragraph hits with a bang. The second paragraph usually will contain a quote and lead into the intricate details and highlights of the story to be told in the fourth paragraph. The release can continue with additional details that add value to the story but will always close with information about the organization. The key element that Scott likes to ask when writing a press release is "Is this newsworthy?" Scott is of the opinion that organizations should heed this warning and insure that what we are telling customers and readers is what they want to read to help solve a problem that affects the customer.


5 Projects Completed

Script written to accept an award that was done via video conference. Using script writing technology, Scott is able to input data that helps build a good story using the preferred industry format. Scott has had several projects that have involved script writing, primarily for public awareness campaigns or public service announcements. Additionally Scott has written scripts for radio ads that were built for political campaigns.

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